Thanks for picking up a copy of 'The High Maintenance Minimalist'! As promised, I contacted my favourite brands and asked them for discounts I could extend to my readers. These are products and services I actually use and swear by. There have been many other brands wanting space on this page that I had to turn down because their product/service was crap. The following brands are the cream of the crop in my opinion, and I am proud to recommend them to you. If you decide to take advantage of any of these discounts I may get a small referral fee, which has in no way swayed my opinion!  

Here are my absolute favorite travel products and services:

My virtual closet. Never pay for a checked bag, dry cleaning, or storage unit for your clothes again.
Use code: 'Kashlee50' for 50% off your first trip.

I love my Arden Cove purse for blocking RFID readers, being slash-proof, water-proof, having locking zippers and keeping my stuff safe.
Use code 'KashleeK' for 10% off 

How I have unlimited data and internet when I travel. I can hook up 5 devices and get fast 4g speeds, with no need to get annoying SIM cards.
Use code: 'THMM' for 10% off

Where I get my travel insurance. I love World Nomads because I can get or extend coverage while I am on the road! They gave great rates and coverage amount as well.
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I love accessing airport lounges all over the world with this pass. I get things like free wifi, food, wine, and even sometimes perks like showers or beds! Makes air travel so much easier.
That link gives you 10% off

I use the Travelon Total Toiletry bag for all my makeup and beauty products while travelling. It organizes everything so smartly and keeps things from leaking in my luggage.
Use code: 'Kashlee' for 15% off

More DEALS Coming Soon...