Wow- this year… I tell ya… I have been going through some major changes.  There tends to be these pivotal stages in life where you go through more transformations in a few months than you have in the past few years.  These last few months have proven to be a most pivotal stage for me. All positive changes, but sometimes to change for the better we have to unearth some uncomfortable demons.

The quote in this photo sums up a realization I wish I had understood earlier, but never quite grasped until just now.



A bit over a year ago, I looked at my ‘present conditions' and they sucked. Why? Because of my past actions. I made very little positive steps. Hardly any action.  You can sit and stew in that mud puddle that you built around you, but it does you no good.  You can say tomorrow will be better, but unless you change something that moment, tomorrow never rides in to save the day.  

It's hard to look at your life and know that 99% of your reality is because of YOU. All the times you put things off, chose poorly, sat on your ass and made excuses.  Once I was able to take responsibility for that… I could make a choice to change my CURRENT actions.  And I did.  I saw with 20/20 vision all of the actions that had put me into the rut that I was in, and started to clear a path out of it.


I changed my actions, to change my results.   Once I understood that our present experience is a constant residual live feed from past actions, I gained the strength to make better actions.


Now, if I want to see my future, and how beautiful and FULL it's going to be, I just check what I am doing/thinking in THIS MOMENT.

My actions right now, my actions today, will tell me exactly what my future is going to be like.

If I sit on my ass, make excuses, compare myself to others, and do nothing…. My future will be filled with disappointment.  If I get up and GO, if I step outside my comfort zone, if I lead with my heart, if I fill my day with positive teachings…. My future will be filled with GREATNESS. I love traveling – so I go travel, has applied for the visa to Vietnam already!


And well, greatness is my destiny ???? so best believe I'm taking some ACTION today!