Kashlee Kucheran

Top 50 Travel Apps of 2019

Top 50 Travel Apps in 2019

Travel, after tacos of course, is something we all want more of in our lives! Thanks to modern technology and rock bottom travel deals, there's no better time to book that bucket list vacation! We've rounded up the Top 50 Travel Apps that every traveler should have on their phone in 2018. These apps will help organize your trip itineraries, get you the lowest prices on hotels and let you navigate your way through foreign cities like a pro....

Kashlee Kucheran

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Former Realtor and hoarder, turned minimalist. I now live out of two suitcases and couldn't be happier. You'll either find me RV living in the Canadian mountains - or - on a flight heading to explore a new destination. Author of: 'The High Maintenance Minimalist' & a BossBabe Contributor. My favorite things in the world are: learning about languages, sleeping in hotels, wow'ing over architecture, being surrounded by culture, first-class seats on airplanes, nerdy science stuff, and sharing my nomadic journey.