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Tourists Shoot Cows With Rocket Launchers in Cambodia

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For the Right Price Tourists Shoot Cows with Rocket Launchers in Cambodia

There is definitely a darker side to tourism in Cambodia. Tourists are allowed to shoot cows with machine guns and even rocket launchers. Cows aren’t the only animal being put on the chopping block, tourists can shoot chickens, ducks and sheep. 

In Cambodia one of the major attractions drawing travelers in large number are firing ranges. These ranges give tourists an opportunity to fire large military style assault weapons, even bazookas. Not all of these firing ranges offer the same experience. At some undisclosed locations tourists can shoot and kill an animal of their choice, even a large cow. 

Cambodia Tourists Shoot Cows With Rocket Launchers 1
Courtesy of Netflix

Tourists are spending big bucks to slaughter animals

At the time of writing this article, animals weren’t listed on websites for Cambodian firing ranges. However, exposed in the series Dark Tourist on Netflix, viewers saw a different side of the story. At an unknown Cambodian firing range David Ferrier paid $400 USD for the opportunity to shoot a cow with a machine gun. We won’t give away the spoiler here on if he went through with the killing.

Cambodia Tourists Shoot Cows With Rocket Launchers 2
Courtesy of Netflix

Where Is The Line?

This has been going on for years in Cambodia without incident and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.  Many tourists enjoy the thrill of killing a live animal but it definitely isn’t for everybody.  The moral dilemma is a tough one. Is hunting okay? Is eating beef okay? What about killing a cow with a bazooka?

Cambodia Lets Tourists Shoot Cows With Bazooka
Courtesy Cambodia Shooting Club


Sunday 28th of August 2022

sad human beings. shameful.


Sunday 5th of February 2023

@Loz, have you seen American schools? We already do this


Thursday 29th of September 2022

@al, agree. What next humans? Children? Sickos.