Right before we left Canada to make the big 7,000km journey to Ecuador, we were killing in with staying on top of our workouts! We had just completed 60 days of Body Beast and I snuck in a few '21 Day Fix' and ‘Piyo' workouts in there as well.  When we got down to our small beach front town of Puerto Cayo, we came to a shocking realization…. NO WEIGHTS!

We were thinking of continuing to lift and just stream our Body Beast workouts on the BOD online system, but with no weights it makes that routine almost impossible!  So we made a little adjustment 😉


Our Workout Routine in Ecuador


Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's:


Have you ever done 45 minutes of intense, full force exercise in 100F heat?  Neither had we.  If you want to know what it is like to literally be dripping sweat like a water fountain?? Fly down here and complete just one workout in the Insanity line up and you can feel it for yourself.  IT'S BANANAS!



Tuesday's and Thursday's:


What is the point of living on the beach if we don't take advantage of it right?  We kill two birds with one stone by walking a total of 8km along the ocean, with the sand adding extra resistance and the sun giving us a tan 😉   After that, we need a major cool down in the pool, but we try to add in a few laps or at least some underwater resistance moves as we are splashing around.


Saturday's and Sunday's:


TWO rest days! (GASP!)  Yes, we take 2 days off down here.  Honestly, the heat and the humidity can really take a toll on your body and hydration if you are working out constantly.  We like to take the weekends off while we travel for food supplies, working out of minds by listening to sermons, and just allowing our bodies to recover and repair.


1508975_10156205255305008_4551676285644914147_nTo be honest we won't be in as good of shape down here as we were in Canada, due to the CRAZY amount of carbs we are consuming, but that is remote costal living for you!  It is never about perfection for us, it's just about maintaining our healthy habits and ensuring that we are continuing to challenge our bodies and minds.

We LOVE the flexibility with BOD and that we can do almost any of the 300+ workout videos that stream anywhere in the world we happen to be.  I couldn't imagine packing dozens of DVD's and heavy guides in my VITAL luggage space!!! 


If you are looking for something that keeps you motivated, is crazy CHEAP, and you can stream from anywhere, we do have free trials to the system we can hook you up with: