It just wouldn’t be an adventure without surprises around every turn, would it?  We had set our intentions to stay here in Ecuador until March 2016, but fate had something else lined up for us instead.
We had to make a very quick decision recently that was not easy for us to make.  

That decision was: “Should we stay, or should we go?”

Why were we suddenly faced with this decision?

El Nino.

You might have heard about El Nino on the news, but maybe not much more about it.  In a nut shell it is an irregularly occurring climatic change affecting the equatorial Pacific region that starts right here in Ecuador.  Normally, this natural event would pass our radar unmarked, but this year is said to be the strongest yet.  The last time it hit this coast hard, there were 14,000 homes destroyed, roads washed away, red cross helicopters handing out water and even casualties.  Just like ‘Hurricane Patricia’, this years El Nino may also pass without any consequence, but we are just not willing to take that risk.  The president has issued a state of emergency for our coast because of this imminent phenomenon, and because of that we have decided it is time to go.  (Side note, so far the coast has not had any flooding, etc, and many locals and ex-pats are staying right where they are! This is not meant at all to say that Ecuador IS dangerous, this is simply our personal decision)


Let me tell you, trying to book places to stay, last minute, in warm destinations (and especially over Christmas) is basically impossible, but again something has presented itself that is turning out to be a blessing in disguise.

We are returning to the Puerto Vallarta area again!

Since booking last minute, long term rentals, in an extremely busy destination is almost impossible, that is precisely WHY we will not be spending the majority of our time renting out condos….instead we have the opportunity to stay in different hotels over the 3 months!

This sounds as crazy to us as it does to you.  WHO the HECK can stay in a different hotel every week over a 3 month span??  Let me be honest when I say: WE DIDN’T THINK WE COULD EITHER!   Resorts, hotels and all inclusives in Mexico are PRICEY and with the poor Canadian currency, not looking any brighter.  We needed to put our thinking cap on and get a little creative.
Between hours of research, comparison, negotiation, sacrifice, flexibility, points, loyalty status, and simply ASKING THEM DIRECTLY, we have made an entire Mexico Hotel Tour itinerary from Dec 20-March 1 for around the SAME budget we would have spent on a long term condo rental.  We are not millionaires and we had to be able to stick within a certain price range, or else it would have meant returning right back home.

The plan is to stay at a different All Inclusive, Resort or Hotel booked every week that we will be gone.  They range from 3 star right up to 5 star.  From basic room with a garden view, right up to Presidential Suite with an ocean view.  We will be covering 4 different areas across 2 provinces of Mexico and we pack our bags in a WEEK!
To make this WHOLE trip even better, we want to involve YOU.  We want to showcase different levels of hotels and their services, show you how to literally book a week stay for a fraction of the price, give you the details about the upgrades and if they are actually worth it, how to EAT CLEAN at an All Inclusive and even how to stay FIT while staying at a resort.
We are so excited, grateful (and a little nervous to be honest!) about this next adventure!

This is where you come in!!!  


TELL US:  What do you want to see on our Puerto Vallarta RESORT Tour 2016?

Do you want the inside scoop on the different levels of rooms?  How about the deals you can get? Perhaps an ‘all inclusive’ meal plan? Maybe what workout moves you can do in your hotel room, on the beach, or at the pool?  Do you want to know what 5 Star luxury gets you and if the price is worth it?  What hotel we think is the best in the area? What the presidential suites actually LOOK like inside?

Comment WHAT would make a GREAT topic to cover during our Mexico Resort Tour and we will do our best to make it happen!