Success Club Trip Punta Cana

It’s no secret that Trevor and I like to stay in nice hotels (somewhere in the warmer parts of the world), but wow did our job go ahead and make luxury travel a little sweeter!

A few weeks ago the company we work for announced that it’s annual ‘Success Club Trip’ was taking us to Punta Cana in April of next year! 


The best part: we were able to book our DREAM room at the Hard Rock Resort and Beachbody will be picking up the bill!

This is just insanely exciting for us because not only did WE book, but we have a whole whack of our TEAM coming with us!  Basically anyone who is a Coach is invited to come, and there is a promotion going on ALL year where you can earn your All-Inclusive room for free!

My very first Success Club Trip was last year in Cancun and I have never experienced a vacation of that calibre before!!

They hosted us with a welcome party complete with fire dancers, an Elite reception on the beach that was the definition of class and Cancun was also the location that we filmed Trevor’s feature story that was then shown across all the ‘Super Saturday’ events that summer.

Between the events and all the face time we got to spend with fellow kick ass coaches, it was a whirl wind of awesome!

Since we had been posting about it a few times on Social Media, we have had a LOT of people message us asking if all of this stuff is for real, or if it’s a bunch of BULL.  I will be the first to say that I have heard of companies giving out ‘free’ vacations to only it’s upper echelon, with next to impossible hoops to jump through.  I can only speak from my own experience with the Success Club trip, but this is not one of those impossible pipe dreams.  At all.  Of course there are requirements to be a part of the trip (and especially to earn your free accommodation/meals/drinks/etc), but nothing that you wouldn’t already want to be doing in your Coaching business.

Total team plug here: If you were considering becoming a Coach already, or if you like to work hard and be rewarded with once in a lifetime travel opportunities, then what are you waiting for?


This is YOUR CHANCE to join US in Punta Cana by becoming a member of our team.  We don’t bite, you will have the ability to help a LOT of people, make an actual difference in your life and the lives of others, and then selfishly lie on the beach with a great big cool Pina Colada in hand and listen to the waves.

We are currently accepting applications to join our team and it takes about 5 minutes, CHECK IT OUT HERE!

See you in Punta CANA! 😉