Power Outages Ecuador Puerto Cayo

We have been in Ecuador just over two weeks and we have had 6 power outages. The outages can last anywhere from an hour to a couple of days at a time. It you are a North American reading this you are probably thinking to yourself  how absolutely awful it would be. Truth be told there is something you finally see when the lights go out.


The problem with our spoiled lives back home is we no longer know how to live without distraction. We crave constant distraction that fills our minds because we haven’t ever learned to be ok with just ourselves.  Scrolling our news feed, watching our favorite TV programs, playing our favorite games, surfing the internet and staring at our phones for endless hours has destroyed our ability to be human.


The truth is, we grow every time the power goes out. We begin to look up again. We look at our loved ones, we LISTEN, we look at the beauty that surrounds us and we learn how to be at peace within our own mind. Most of us spend more time with electronics than we do with our own family.  Our family may be there but our minds are elsewhere. When was the last time you sat down and just talked for hours with your loved one? When was the last time you went 24 hours without checking your Facebook or emails? I am GUILTY of it but I am learning that there is MORE to this life than the flow of electricity that keeps us distracted.


When the power goes out, the cell phone batteries die and our machines no longer work is when we will come together again. This is when we work as unit, this is when we need each other, this is when our own minds expand. This is when we become human again.