Pay off debt to Travel More free ebook

10 Ways to Get Out of DEBT To TRAVEL More!

We recently paid off all our debts so we could travel the globe. This ebook has all of our best tips laid out with actionable items so you can clear off those credit cards and start booking more flights!

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You'll Learn How To:

get control

Let's crush that debt so you have more freedom over your own money!

Cut the Excess

How to de-clutter and sell the unused stuff around your house.

Bucket List

How to make an EPIC bucket list to help inspire your next trip.

Get Savvy

Learn how to find crazy flight and hotel deals around the world.

You Should See The World....

We were so sick of letting bad financial choices of the past keep us from travelling!

In this guide you will learn:

Pay off debt to Travel More free ebook
Kashlee Kucheran Minimalist

Author spotlight

Going through this downsizing, debt eradicating and minimalism journey has been the best thing to ever happen to me! This is why I wanted to write a guide to help others who feel trapped by crushing debt.

Trust me, I get it!  I had the big house and car and big bills to match!  I felt like I couldn't go anywhere because I was so ‘house poor' and the credit cards just kept piling up!

Now being able to travel when, where and how I want is the most freeing thing I have ever experienced.  I'm excited to see where following my guide will take you!

Kashlee Kucheran

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