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Travel Off Path Provides the latest, easy to understand, and relevant travel news where tourists need it most.

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Travel Off Path is a world-leading travel news source, providing the most up to date and relevant news for travelers across the globe, since 2017. Our useful and accessible travel news is read by 6 million visitors per month, and growing. As part of our overall mission, we only publish 100% human-generated content.

We’re a team of expats, digital nomads and avid travelers, making relevant and helpful content for fellow travelers, without all the fluff. 

Travel Off Path is based out of the USA, with remote teams all over the world. 

CEO and Co-Founder of Travel Off Path - Kashlee Kucheran

Picture of Kashlee Kucheran

Kashlee Kucheran

As the CEO of Travel Off Path, Kashlee Kucheran leads an expansive team throughout the Off Path Enterprises portfolio, shaping the future of travel news across North America and beyond. Kashlee's story is more than that of a successful entrepreneur; it's about a digital nomad who turned her wanderlust into a thriving business empire. At the core of her professional ethos is a belief in the power of travel to connect, inspire, and transform.

As an OG digital nomad and obsessive flight hacker (guilty of clocking 106 flights in 2023 alone!), she believes every journey, especially the one outside your comfort zone, holds the power to spark something extraordinary.

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Director and Co-Founder

Picture of Trevor Kucheran

Trevor Kucheran

Trevor Kucheran is the co-founder and director of Travel Off Path and Off Path Enterprises. His additional portfolio includes multiple niche destination travel websites that reach upwards of 6 million monthly readers, spanning from Cancun to Bali. As director of Off Path Life Foundation, our non-profit arm, he dedicates his energy to uplifting families and teens grappling with extreme poverty.

Managing Editor

Picture of Tyler Fox

Tyler Fox

Tyler Fox is the managing editor of Travel Off Path and Off Path Enterprises. Tyler shed the shackles of the ordinary 9-to-5 to pursue a life of freedom and travel, and found the perfect home with Travel Off Path. His mission is to inspire others to live a life beyond the ordinary, embrace all that life has to offer, and reinvent themselves constantly. No dream is too big.

Press and Marketing Manager

Picture of Liz Fox

Liz Fox

Liz is the Press and Marketing Manager at Travel Off Path, and the genius behind The Upgrade newsletter, where she connects our readers to the best travel tips, secrets and advice, twice weekly. An avid adventurer herself, Liz loves horseback riding, exploring historic sites, and hiking through gorgeous landscapes, embodying the adventurous spirit that Travel Off Path stands for.

Lead Writer & Press Trip Manager

Picture of Vinicius Costa

Vinicius Costa

Forget Google Maps, Vini's your human atlas. This senior lead writer at Travel Off Path, with over 60+ countries under his belt (and currently weaving tales from Paris!), has a knack for turning off-the-beaten-path experiences into informative stories that will have you packing your bags. He's also our press trip guru, connecting tourism boards and travel brands with readers ready to ditch the crowds and discover the unexpected.

Content Operations Supervisor

Picture of Jade Lingan

Jade Lingan

Jade's all about sparking engagement in our digital communities, working hand-in-hand with our social media team to roll out content that's helpful and relevant. Jade also skillfully manages our external digital relationships, liaising with other publications and platforms, subtly enhancing our online presence and reach.

Social Media Manager

Picture of Ivanna Matamoros

Ivanna Matamoros

Ivanna Matamoros, our Social Media Manager, is the heartbeat of Travel Off Path’s online buzz. Originally from Mexico and former Carnival Queen, she's lives for traveling every chance she gets (although would settle down in NYC one day) Capturing and sharing the world through her lens, Ivanna's the one turning every post into a reason to pack your bags. Bold, vibrant, and unapologetically authentic – that’s Ivanna!

Our Writers

Our team of writers at Travel Off Path are passionate about creating authentic and original content, designed to inspire and guide fellow travelers across the world. Every word published has been written by real travelers with real experiences.

sam sears lead travel wrtier at Travel Off Path

Sam Sears

Lead Travel Writer

dale peterson

Dale Peterson

Senior Travel Writer


Tor Brierley

Travel Writer


Megi Canco

Travel Writer

nicole massy

Nicole Massy

Travel Writer

david guest

David Guest

Travel Writer

As a dedicated travel news organization, we are committed to providing our readers with the highest quality content that is accurate, engaging, and above all, trustworthy. Our team of experienced journalists and travel experts work tirelessly to ensure that our reporting is reliable, objective, and valuable to our audience – by travelers, for travelers.

You can read about our editorial guidelines and content standards here.

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