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About Trevor and Kashlee

Thanks for stopping by!  We are Trevor & Kashlee – Creators of ‘Travel Off Path'

We're full time travellers, entrepreneurs, and advocates of leaving each location we visit better than when we found it.  In March 2017 we sold our house, 95% of our belongings, and made a commitment to see as much of this world as we can! 

About Trevor and Kashlee

Who we are:

Two crazy passionate entrepreneurs who refuse to take life as it was given to us.  We sold everything, erased all our debts and are taking an adventure around the world! We created ‘Travel Off Path' to inspire others to escape the pressures of debt and take the less travelled path in life. It’s a movement that invites you to travel with purpose. It’s a way of life.  It’s the dedication to living a life of design and freedom. It’s a commitment to travel without boundaries, choosing a new place to experience, while dedicating to give back to each country visited.

Our Aim:

To make travel more accessible, affordable, and possible for everyone.

Everyone deserves to create incredible memories and life changing experiences through travelling. Our aim is to inspire you to take a chance, jump out of your comfort zone, and see as much of the world as you can.  Making travel a part of your normal life. Collecting memories instead of things. Applying a level of minimalism to your life to enable you more freedom for travelling.  And most importantly, finding a way to give back to each community you visit. 

What you will find on our site:

  • Travel & Packing Tips
  • How to Travel MORE with LESS
  • Hotel & Vacation Rental Reviews
  • Country & Destination Guides
  • Our Digital Nomad & Entrepreneurial Life
  • Volunteering & Giving Back While Travelling
  • How We Became Full Time Travellers and How You Can Too!


Get to know us here:

  • WHY we decided to sell everything to travel the world
  • WHAT inspired us to start this adventure
  • HOW we downsized to become location independant 
  • NEW HOME 90 – Our way to see the world and give back at the same time

Our Past…

We were not always like this.  We both had ‘jobs’ that left us tired, unhappy, lethargic and gave us that painful stab of emptiness in our lives.  The feeling that there HAS to be something more to this life, but not having the faintest idea of where to start.  Those negative feelings had us both on a highway to self sabotage and self destruction. (not to mention the accumulation of STUFF which comes with DEBT!)

But wait… Enter- “Choice”. A choice is small and almost seemingly unmeasurable, but it changes EVERYTHING. We made a CHOICE to stop doing things we hated and made a CHOICE to start doing MORE of what made us happy.  To take a chance on everything.  To live more freely.  To stop living how society told us to.  This choice has opened up doors for us and continues to amaze us every single day.



Former Homeless Alcoholic, now 8 years Sober! I am passionate about living life by my own design and not letting the past define my future. My core interests are luxury travel, online marketing, business development, and weight lifting.

I’m Trevor Kucheran! I can’t say life has always been easy but I do believe it’s what we make it! I made some bad choices in my 20’s that led to alcoholism and eventually homelessness. I finally hit my rock bottom after a trip to the hospital where the doctors told me I wouldn't make it without massive changes in my life. Since then I have remained sober and have focused on living a life that makes me happy. A life without walls, limits or borders where I am in control.



Former Realtor, turned digital nomad. I am passionate about all things wanderlust! My core interests are language, hotel reviews, architecture, culture, aviation, and business development.

My story:   I know what it's like to feel crushed by your own insecurities.  My self esteem was non-existent as I hugged ‘obesity' boarder line at 202lbs. Through endless nights crying myself to sleep, the pain of remaining the same had finally eclipsed the pain of change. Through hard work and persistence, I was able to shed 70lbs and keep it off.  Then entered the pressure of the ‘9-5 grind' which took a new hold over my life.  I sacrificed time, relationships and my health to climb every corporate ladder that was put in front of me.  I became addicted to winning, obtaining, owning, buying, and regrettably many other self depreciating lifestyle habits. I spent 10 years of my life as a shadow of a person, not knowing why I felt so empty. There was a void so immense that came from years of pretending that was starting to swallow me whole.

Enter the will to change.  As time went on I started to realize my true calling and passions and instead of burying them, I let them out for everyone to see.  My urge to see the world and make a positive difference is what fuels me every single day. I no longer have to sacrifice who I am and have made the conscious decision to mold my career after my morals.  Giving back and inspiring others is my main purpose of each day. 

I now love to travel the world with Trevor, document our journey to inspire others, and make an effort to give back in each community we visit. 

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