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I’m Kashlee

Travel Writer, Minimalist and Entrepreneur


  About Me

Former Realtor and hoarder, turned minimalist and loving every minute of it. 

I sold 90% of my belongings, including my home, and started on my journey around the globe.

Choosing a life of adventure gave me so much more than I ever expected. Through documenting my journey I created a travel brand and blog that gets over 1 million visitors per year and growing. I published a book that helps others embrace minimalism and declutter their life. I started to speak out about issues like social media addiction and comparison that are plaguing our generation. I was finally able to be myself.

What does life look like as a minimalist travel blogger? I live 6 months of the year in an RV on the lake. The other 6 months I travel the world with my husband, always choosing new countries to explore. I write articles that help make travel more accessible and fun for curious readers.

I show others the beauty of ‘less is more’ and the power of being real in a staged world.


My Passions

→ Mental Wellness with Social Media

kashlee Kucheran

I will be the first to admit that I got too caught up in Instagram. Through comparison, envy, jealousy and ego, I let the app determine my self worth, which led to addiction and depression. Here I was, living the ‘dream life’ and travelling the world full-time, but the pressure to be perfect on Instagram was harming me mentally and emotionally, stealing the joy out of each day.

At rock bottom I was forced to take a social media break where I reevaluated WHY I let an Instagram addiction take over. I realized that my every day life IS worth sharing and the pressures to keep up to other ‘influencers’ was only in my mind. I made a promise to stop staging and faking photos and use the platform responsibly, only sharing my real life to inspire others. 

Now, I love to speak about the dangers of social media, how addictive it can be, the negative effects it has on us, and how to escape the tight ‘comparison game’ grasp Instagram has on us. Many ‘influencers’ are giving a false sense of reality that is fake and completely unattainable for the average person. Constantly striving for more likes is causing a lot of mental distress that needs to be more widely acknowledged.
I am an advocate for social media mental wellness and teaching the power of being real in an over-curated world.

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→ Travel Writing

Japan Travel Tips - 47 Insider Tips for Your Trip To Japan

My aim: To make travel more accessible, affordable, and possible for everyone.

Everyone deserves to create incredible memories and life changing experiences through travelling. My aim is to inspire you to take a chance, jump out of your comfort zone, and see as much of the world as you can.  Making travel a part of your normal life. Collecting memories instead of things. 

With every new country or city I explore, I create useful articles and guides that help make travel a little easier!

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→ Minimalism & RV Living 

Kashlee Kucheran living in a RV

What does minimalism look like to me?
It’s a lifestyle that involves owning less material items so I can experience more.

I think the ‘American Dream’ is about to be turned upside-down. People simply can’t afford massive mortgage payments, huge credit card bills, and the feeling of ‘never being enough’. Making the most out of our brief time on this planet is going to (thankfully) become more important than online shopping.

Embracing minimalism and travelling more has been the number one factor in seeing my life improve for the better. It’s made me more outgoing, curious, and driven, all while bringing me back down to Earth and giving me some much needed peace. The space that used to be filled with shopping and ‘stuff’ is now being filled with bucket list experiences, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
If I can show just ONE person about the amazing benefits minimalism, it will be worth it.

Dive Into My Minimalist and RV Lifestyle:


The High Maintenance Minimalist

Becoming a minimalist was the most life-changing transformation I ever went through.

I wrote this book to deliver real-world advice on how to clear out all the clutter, and live a freedom based life. It’s your modern-day guide to downsizing, decluttering and creating the time and space to travel more!

This book has helped thousands of people free themselves from the pressures of debt and clutter, opening up a world of new possibilities. 


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