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Kashlee Kucheran

The Unconventional CEO


Redefining Travel and Entrepreneurship



Hello, I'm Kashlee Kucheran. Forget the typical CEO stereotype;


I'm a rule-breaker, a global nomad, and the mind behind Off Path Enterprises' meteoric rise.


Think of me as your less conventional, high-school dropout turned leader of an online empire.


Crafting a Global Brand

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Eight years ago, I quit my job and traded the ordinary for a life of endless horizons. Today, Off Path Enterprises stands as a testament to that bold choice. With over 120 million visitors to Travel Off Path and a portfolio including The Bali Sun and The Cancun Sun, we're not just in the travel news business; we're defining it.
Airports and hotel rooms are my usual haunts – 106 flights alone in 2023... but who's counting? Yet, amidst this whirlwind, I've begun planting flags, with Mexico City as the latest. These are not just homes; they're launchpads for the next adventure.

Borderless Life

More Than Metrics

Beyond the figures and the flights, there's a deeper mission. It's about hacking the status quo, in travel and life. It's about inspiring you to build a life that's truly yours, outside the traditional boundaries. Driven by this mission, I embody the grind, relentlessly pursuing excellence and empowering others to challenge norms.
Innovation never pauses. Summer 2024 will see the launch of a groundbreaking membership club for Travel Off Path – a new chapter in our journey and, hopefully, yours.

What's Next?


My Invitation

If you're driving change, breaking barriers, or just brewing something big, I'm interested.

I’m always on the lookout for collaborators who are not just dreaming but doing. If you're about disrupting norms, leveraging breakthroughs, or driving relentless growth, let's connect.

Let's architect the future by collaborating – sharing visions, break norms and fueling the next big shift.

Here's to the path less traveled,

Kashlee Kucheran

Contact Kash

I’m always open to intriguing discussions and opportunities.

Off Path Enterprises

OPE aim: To make travel more accessible, affordable, and possible for everyone.


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