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We’re Kashlee and Trevor, founders of Travel Off Path, a blog dedicated to Minimalist Travel. In early 2017 we sold our house, 90% of our things and decided to travel the world full time. Yep, we live life out of two suitcases and left the materialism behind! I guess you could call us minimalist travelers on a mission. We believe in 'experiences over things' and doing more with less, both in the way we live our lives AND the way we travel. On this blog you will find all things minimalism, the digital nomad lifestyle, and a ton of crazy good travel hacks.

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Top 50 Travel Apps of 2019

Top 50 Travel Apps in 2019

Travel, after tacos of course, is something we all want more of in our lives! Thanks to modern technology and rock bottom travel deals, there's no better time to book that bucket list vacation! We've rounded up the Top 50 Travel Apps that every traveler should have on their phone in 2018. These apps will help organize your trip itineraries, get you the lowest prices on hotels and let you navigate your way through foreign cities like a pro....

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