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Bali Private Driver, Tours and Airport Transfers

Bali Flow Private Driver, Tours and Airport Transfers - Pricing and Bookings Below ↓

Humble Beginnings of a Private Bali Driver

Bali Flow - Private Driver, Bali Tours and Airport Transfer
Bali Flow Tours - Meet Enrico and his fiance Teresa

The Beginning

We have been going to Bali for the last 5 years and have been keeping a secret about the best private driver in Bali! Without a doubt Enrico is one of the best Bali Private Drivers for day trips and airport transfers. It's time for us to give back to a guy who made our time in Bali so very special.  Many Indonesian families are very poor and struggle to raise a family. We stumbled upon an Indonesian man named Enrico through a friend of a friend in Bali. His whole life he and his family have struggled to make ends meet. 

Enrico was just starting his own Bali private driver and tour business when we met him. He had saved up his whole life for a down payment to his new car and he was so proud he could finally start doing tours for tourists. We decided to give him a chance even though he had no reviews or experience at the time. We were proud to be one of his very first tours with his new company Bali Flow. 

Our Experience

The last two years Enrico has been our private driver in Bali. He has taken us on five different Bali tours and done multiple airport transfers for us. We have seen all the beautiful waterfalls, temples and attractions that Bali has to offer using Enrico as our guide! Recently we did a week long off the beaten path road trip to Java, Indonesia to meet his mom and dad who prepared us a home cooked  Indonesian meal. It was a week long adventure full of experiences that we will never forget. Although he doesn't usually venture off the island of Bali as a private driver, I'm glad he made the exception to tour us through an area not often visited by foreign tourists. The most important part of this trip though was what we learned about Enrico himself and his soon to be wife Teresa. A story they told us on this trip will stick with us forever.

Giving Away Their Biggest Tip Ever

Over the last year they have been saving up for their wedding. Teresa has been doing nails for locals in Bali and Enrico has been doing private airport transfers and Bali tours. Enrico had a client that booked a private tour and the man was so impressed by Enrico's tour that he left Enrico a BIG tip! We are talking a $300 US TIP was handed over to Enrico who could not believe he would ever in his life receive a tip that large. He knew that this was finally a big break in paying for their upcoming wedding they had been saving for. 

That night Enrico received a call from his Mom and Dad who needed financial help to get the sidewalk fixed in front of their house. Enrico and Teresa discussed it and instead of using the $300 tip money for their wedding, they gave it to Enrico's parents to fix their sidewalk. They put their wedding dreams on hold to help their family. 

Our Way of Giving Back to Enrico

Once Enrico and his fiancé Teresa shared this story with us, we knew that we had to do something to help. We knew a tip would help but we wanted to think bigger. Being a private driver is extremely competitive in Bali and it's very hard for new drivers to build up a clientele. If you are looking to book a private driver for a tour in Bali or need an airport transfer please consider using Enrico. He is a friendly local Indonesian man who knows his way around every corner of Bali and speaks perfect fluent English. He knows the best and safest restaurants to eat at, the temples, the waterfalls, the plantations, the best hotels at good prices and literally everything there is to know about Bali!  His car is comfortable, modern spacious and has great air conditioning. Most importantly he is one of the kindest people you will meet in Bali!

Enrico didn't know much about building a website for his business so he provided us all of the information to share with you .  Enrico is proud that Bali Flow has consistent and fair pricing for all his clients. 

Introducing Bali Flow Tours

Bali Private Driver

Bali Flow VIP Airport & Hotel Transfers

All Bali airport and hotel transfers include:

  • Safe, patient and licensed driver
  • Enrico to meet you at airport arrivals 
  • Enrico holding a sign with your name on it
  • Luggage assistance and escort to vehicle
  • Air conditioned and comfortable newer vehicle
  • Water bottle per person
  • Available hand sanitizer and tissue
  • Refreshing mints after a long flight

Contact Enrico on Whatapp: +6281216511954

Contact Enrico on: Facebook

Contact Enrico on: Instagram

Contact Enrico by Email:

($14US, $19AUD, 95¥, 975₹)

($14US, $19AUD, 95¥, 975₹)

($17US, $23AUD, 120¥, 1300₹)

($17US, $23AUD, 120¥, 1300₹)

($17US, $23AUD, 120¥, 1300₹)

($20US, $28AUD, 145¥, 1500₹)

Add 50,000 IDR if after midnight

($20US, $28AUD, 145¥, 1500₹)

Add 50,000 IDR if after midnight

($41US, $56AUD, 285¥, 3000₹)

($47US, $65AUD, 340¥, 3500₹)

($55US, $76AUD, 381¥, 3900₹)

Return Airport Transfer: Contact Us for a Quote

Bali Airport Transfers

Bali Tours

All Bali Tours include:

  • Safe, patient and licensed driver
  • Pick up and drop off from hotel
  • Air conditioned newer vehicle
  • Knowledgeable english speaking driver and tour guide
  • Bottled water
  • Available hand sanitizer and tissue
  • Refreshing mints
*Please note meals are NOT included in price of tour
couple on tour in bali by rice fields
Our Tour with Enrico at Tegalalang Rice Terrace
($41US, $56AUD, 285¥, 3000₹)
8 Hours
The Tour includes stops at: 
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana (Highest Statue in Indonesia), 
  • Melasti Beach
  • Uluwatu Temple 
  • Sunset seafood dinner in Jimbaran 
Headed to Melasti Beach
($41US, $56AUD, 285¥, 3000₹)
8 Hours
The Tour includes stops at:
  • Monkey Forest 
  • Tegenungan Waterfall 
  • Coffee Plantation 
  • Tegalalang Rice Terrace
  • Eat Like a local Indonesian/Western Lunch
Monkey Forest
($48US, $66AUD, 335¥, 3500₹)
8 Hours
The Tour includes stops at:
  • Tanahlot Temple
  • Ulundanu Beratan Temple
  • Chocolate Factory
  • Gitgit Waterfall
  • Mountainside Indonesian/Western
($48US, $66AUD, 335¥, 3500₹)
8 Hours
The Tour includes stops at:
  • Goa Lawah Temple
  • Tirta Gangga
  • Lempuyang Temple
  • Virgin Beach
  • Mountain View Lunch
Bali Tours
Lempuyang Temple
  • ($41US, $56AUD, 285¥, 3000₹)
8 Hours
The Tour includes stops at:
  • Galeria Mall Bali
  • Discovery Shopping Mall
  • Beachwalk Shopping Center
  • Seminyak Square
  • Silversmith Workshop and Jewelry 
  • Modern Lunch
Discovery Shopping Mall
($48US, $66AUD, 335¥, 3500₹)
Maximum 10 hours
Private Driver transportation based on your itinerary 

Bali Private Tour Rice Terrace
Rice Terraces
coffee plantation tour bali
Coffee Plantation

Vacation Packages

Enrico and Bali Flow can plan vacation packages from start to finish to take the stress out of traveling to Bali.

You will be a true VIP for your vacation. Every detail of planning will be completed by the Bali Flow team so you can just relax and enjoy an amazing time in tropical Bali with a private guide! 

Vacation Packages Include:

  • Accommodations with your choice of hotel type. Hostels to 5 star resorts! 
  • Select the tours that interest you most
  • VIP Airport Transfers including pick up and drop off 
Bali Tour Hotels

Contact Enrico on Whatapp: +6281216511954

Contact Enrico on: Facebook

Contact Enrico on: Instagram

Contact Enrico by Email:

Have any special requests or more questions? Contact Us

“Thank you for your consideration on booking with Bali Flow Tours! We are so proud to help you have the perfect Bali Vacation”

Enrico Bolivar