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If summer is the time for tropical beach getaways and winter is the time for mountainous retreats, spring is the season for sunny European city breaks, which explains why so many travelers are flying across the Atlantic to experience the best of what the Old Continent has to offer. In recent months though, one of …

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London is set to be the most popular international destination for travelers this summer. According to data from Google Flights, the capital of the United Kingdom is the most-searched destination of the summer, with travelers flocking to the city for its endless things to do. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and the …

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Nobody wants to look like a noob tourist in London. I have legit anxiety about being labelled as that ‘Lost Canadian’, with my messy unfolded map, overflowing fanny pack, and sighs of desperation.
In London, there are cultural differences, unsaid rules, and etiquette faux pas I will give you the heads up on. These tips will help you see London like a local and avoid the top tourist mistakes.

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London. One of the greatest cities to visit on this planet, but some people have never truly explored it’s hidden sides. They’ve stayed focused on Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Piccadilly Circus. While these attractions are world famous icons for a reason, there is SO much more of London to uncover. What if experiencing a …

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