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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Greece This Summer

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Greece is an obvious choice for a European holiday, offering everything from history, culture, islands, mountains, and some fantastic food and wine.

Although Greece is an ideal destination, it’s becoming increasingly overcrowded, and the country and its historic sights are really feeling the effects. 

Because of these reasons, a summer trip to Greece might not be the best idea right now.

crowds in greece

One answer to the downsides of a summer trip to Greece used to be waiting until September to visit. Previously a visit in this month meant a great holiday with all the summer fun but a fraction of the price tag (not to mention fewer crowds). 

However, it appears the secret is out, and now even September is booking up quickly, with destinations like Athens showing a 73% increase in September bookings. So, why not wait and visit in October, when the weather is warm, and the crowds have left?

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Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Greece This Summer:

1. Overcrowding 

With a record number of people traveling this summer, it should come as no surprise that Greece will see massive numbers of tourists. Even historic sites such as the Acropolis are feeling the effects, and new measures are being put in place to help preserve the country’s historic culture in the face of over-tourism. 

One thing that is interesting is that waiting until September was once a safe bet and is no longer a surefire way to see fewer crowds and lower prices. As more and more tourists push back their Greece travels to September, the likelihood of crowding increases. 

So, while Greece is of course an ideal holiday destination, the best bet is to wait until the crowds have really thinned out and head there in October. October is the perfect month as the weather is still warm enough to enjoy long sunny days, and the water is warm enough to swim. 

In addition, the prices are lower this month as it’s really the tail end of the season. A visit in July, August, or even September will result in little to no personal space, a stressful experience, and massive lines for everything. 

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2. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

As the temperatures creep higher and the warmer weather stretches longer each year, what was once a nice warm summer hotspot has now become almost unbearable in parts of the country.

Like most European cities, Athens has reported record-high temperatures in recent years; there is nothing worse than climbing steps, exploring ancient sites, and battling crowds in the sweltering heat.

Of course, the islands are a nice place to go, but the temperatures are still high, making sleeping in your cute little authentic accommodation with no AC nearly impossible. 

_A summer party in Mykonos, Greece

3. High Prices

It’s not a big surprise to hear that Greece’s peak tourist season of June thru August is also the most expensive. A visit at this time will result in higher prices across the board, from flights to drinks, water taxis, hotels, and everything in between.

Prices get about 50% higher for many things, and waiting until just after summer can result in huge savings. 

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4. No Vacancy 

With the increased number of tourists, finding accommodation is getting harder and harder. No matter if you are looking for an Airbnb, a luxury hotel, or a hostel, it’s likely that they are mostly booked up for when you want to stay this summer.

Of course, that means what is left will be overpriced or not ideal. Although more lodging has opened up across Greece to meet demands, the number of properties still lags behind the demand. 

A crowd awaits tourists the famous Santorini sunset

5. The (Un) Friendly Skies

It is not breaking news to report that flying right now is a nightmare for many reasons. Record crowds, understaffing, more turbulence, strikes, and many other reasons all combine to make air travel much more of a headache than it once was.

Save yourself the stress and skip flying this summer if possible; wait until the fall, when most people have finished their trips. The likelihood of delays, rude passengers, and other annoyances are greatly decreased with a trip later in the year than in the height of summer.

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Sunday 20th of August 2023

You are absolutely right!!! Greece is soooo OVERRATED!! I came here un August and it's the first and last time I'll do. Period. Weather is too hot, Greece is en Europe but it seems like Africa because almost any place has AC specially restaurants and bars (some large clothing stores do, though..) And greeks are quite rude, which means that services for the tourists are not good). They just don't care, it seems, if tourists come, fine, if they donty, also fine (oddly though, taking into account they live from tourism, they should improve all related to the tourism sector) I have been to Santorini, Milos and Athens (this is not a clean city). Anyways, think twice before choosing your destination, Greece is not worth all the hype.


Tuesday 18th of July 2023

You should remove this article now. It's purpose is only to defame the most beautiful European country, my Greece!! If you don't like Greece that your problem! Stop writing lies and misrepresent my country... overcrowded is also in Amalfi in Italy, and hot weather has all the south European countries! Stop the bullshits!! Besides we have A MILLION islands where is peaceful and not "overcrowded"..


Friday 4th of August 2023

@Irene, u live in greece


Saturday 15th of July 2023

The same apply to Spain, Portugal , Italy , Turkey , Croatia , Albania and the entire southern Europe !

But why does the article only mention Greece ?

Remove the article . It does not do good to your website . It just shows that you are playing games or that your journalism is substandard.

Either way - this article does disservice to you .


Sunday 16th of July 2023

@Jonathan, the article, as disclosed in its disclaimer, acknowledges that it has received funding, likely from third-party sources who may have a vested interest in tarnishing Greece's reputation as a tourist destination. Consequently, it confesses its lack of neutrality.


Saturday 15th of July 2023

@Michalis Pavlou

Wow, calm down. By stealing Mike Pavlou's name and by trying to discredit his Greekness, you are not helping Greece. You are proving his point about Greek nationalists.


Sunday 16th of July 2023

@Αθηνά, It seems there may be a misunderstanding here. Labeling me as a nationalist isn't productive to our discussion. My respect for Mike Pavlou and my opinions about him are sincere, not driven by a desire to discredit his Greekness or steal his identity. Instead of focusing on labels, let's concentrate on exploring our different perspectives and understanding the underlying issues better. This way, we can foster a more open and constructive conversation.


Saturday 15th of July 2023

Really????First of all GREECE IS HISTORY...HISTORY... HISTORY...tell us your gift about your shamefull article.Kisses from Greece travel expert of nothing