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The Great ‘Family Road Trip’ is About To Make a Major Comeback

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Cabin fever has officially set in and many people are planning their next trips. What may shock you is travel could return sooner than we think. 

The ‘Great American Road Trip' is about to get a major comeback!

the great family road trip is making a comeback

There's a pent-up demand for travel. People have missed their spring break cruises and theme park vacations. They've had to sit in their homes and apartments for weeks. Now they just want to get out of town. 

Before the fall, summer vacations will remain focused on maintaining Covid-19 prevention. 

Instead of planning any air travel this summer, many North Americans are opting for road trips to nearby destinations to visit friends and family.  

Get ready for the year of Camping and RV trips

Domestic travel, outdoor and nature style experiences like camping and glamping vacations will likely see a surge of popularity this summer. RV travel will also skyrocket in popularity as it provides the perfect way to maintain social distancing.

Kashlee Kucheran living in an RV

Vacations that minimize risks of not being able to get back home and avoiding crowded areas such as dense cities, airports and public transportation will provide a sense of safety and security. 

Renting an RV is the ideal way to travel to not only avoid large groups, but a way to escape into nature and spend time outdoors. 

rv travel

One of the most surprising findings of the survey found that nearly 25% of Americans plan on making travel the first this they do when restrictions are lifted. 

The Great American Road Trip is Back

american road trip

This will be the summer of driving to visit grandma and long road trips with the family and possibly national parks.  It's a controlled environment and a chance to spend time as a family and see the country – not just the airports.


The conditions are going to be perfect for a summer road trip. The roads are clear, gas is still at a great price, and when places reopen, they'll be ready for you. Also, it's easy to maintain social distancing. 

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