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This top 10 list of Bali Travel Blogs is going to help prevent you from looking like a complete noob when you arrive in paradise.

I'm talking about after you get out of the gong show airport and pay for yourt first overpriced cab.

There is lots to learn and one thing is for certain, you'll be taken advantage of if you don't do your homework. Exploring Bali for the first time last year turned out to be everything I had hoped for. From the thick jungles and culture in Ubud to the private pool villas of Seminyak, I honestly loved every minute of it. Having said that Bali comes with a learning curve. 

There is truly something for everyone in Bali. Knowing how and where to find the experience your looking for, will make or break your trip. If you are looking to party, you'll be headed to Kuta. Do you love culture and luxury? Seminyak and Ubud will be on your list. Do you prefer modern resorts, less culture and hanging out with mostly tourists? Nusa Dua will be perfect for you.

All of the Bali Travel Blogs below have been selected for their excellent, detailed advice and tips to help make your adventure perfect. 

The Top 10 Bali Travel Blogs and Guides

1. Jetset Christina: The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

Bali Travel Blog

Jetset Christina's luxury Bali travel blog definitely has it all. It's very detailed with great advice on where to stay and eat, and makes us dream of relaxing in Bali's tropical paradise. The photos are stunning and the tips are great for those who have an unlimited budget. 

2. Travel Off Path: The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

We spent months putting together this comprehensive Bali Travel Guide. It has absolutely every detail that an average traveler will need to know about visiting Bali. It includes hotels from $18 per night, what to pack, where to stay and how not to look like a noob! (a little harmless self-promotion here)

3. Taylor's Tracks: How to Plan The Perfect Bali Itinerary

Bali travel blogs Taylor

Need help with planning a Bali Itinerary? Taylor's Tracks Bali Travel Blog is the perfect solution for those who want examples of great 2-10 day itineraries. Her guide is detailed and has great facts on what type of budget you will need for different levels of accommodation. 

4. Salt In Our Hair: Bali Blog

Bali Travel Blog - Salt in Our Hair

Salt In Our Hair has multiple Bali Travel Blogs including a 21 day itinerary. Her blogs feature stunning photos and detailed “must do” items. One of her guides also includes the best hotels and hostels in each region of Bali. 

5. Kelana by Kayla: Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

After being to Bali over 20 times Kelana by Kayla definitely knows her stuff! She put together a detailed and comprehensive Bali Travel Blog on some of the top things to do. Her guide has quick facts and great advice on some of the best places to stay and eat. 

6. The Blog Abroad - Ballin' In Bali: The Ultimate Photo Destination Guide

The Blog Abroad has put together a detailed and comprehensive Bali Travel Blog. The guide includes how to find hidden gems and learn about Bali's most instagrammable spots. With beautiful photos and great information, this is a blog not be missed! 

7. Jones Around The World: Backpacking Bali

Bali Travel Blog - Jones Around The World

Jones around the world has put together the ultimate backpackers Bali travel blog. It includes detailed 2-5 day itineraries for backpackers to explore different parts of Bali. Included are budget places to stay, cheap ways to get around and inexpensive places to eat. 

8. Where's Mollie? - A Complete Guide to Bali, Indonesia

Bali Travel Blog - Where's Mollie

Where's Mollie has a detailed and comprehensive Bali travel blog that includes one and two week itineraries. She includes her favorite spots, top Bali hacks and the best time of year to go. The blog is filled with gorgeous photos that will definitely ignite your wanderlust. 

9. The Blonde Abroad: The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

Bali Travel Blog - The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad has put together this visually stunning and easy to follow Bali Travel Blog. From banking to getting around, what to eat and her favorite places to stay, this travel guide will definitely inspire you to book your trip to Bali! 

10. The Jetsetter Diaries: Ultimate Bali Travel Guide for First Timers

Bali Travel Blog - Jetsetter Diaries

The Jetsetter Diaries put together one of the best Bali Travel Blogs for first timers. The comprehensive guide includes where to stay and eat, beach clubs, tourist attractions and really everything you need to know for your first visit to Bali! 

Make sure to bookmark this page to keep it handy for all of your trips to Bali! No matter what type of traveler you are, these 10 Bali travel blogs have got you covered. 

The best Bali travel blogs on the web
Bali travel blog - the 10 best guides for your next trip

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