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British Tourist Feared To Be First Western Victim of Deadly Chinese Coronavirus

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A British tourist is feared to have contracted the mysterious coronavirus that’s sweeping Asia after he was hospitalized on a trip to Thailand, according to a report.

Ash Shorley, 32, was admitted in critical condition to a Phuket hospital, where he’s being treated for pneumonia-like lung infections, the Sun reported.

Doctors believe his symptoms are consistent with the new Chinese coronavirus, which has killed three patients and infected hundreds of others.

“They think he is the first Western victim of the Chinese flu, we are waiting on tests.”

man sick in thailand
Ash Shorley, 32, was rushed to hospital in Phuket after a pneumonia-style bug infected both lungs while he was on Koh Phi Phi island (Image: The Sun)

Shorley — who had been traveling around Southeast Asia — became ill and his lungs collapsed on Koh Phi Phi island, the outlet reported.

He was transported on a special seaplane to the hospital because his lung damage prevented travel at higher altitudes, the report said.

“He wasn’t able to go above a certain altitude because his lungs would pop,” his mom, Julie, told the Sun. “They managed to get him here and if it wasn’t for the doctors’ expertise, he would be dead by now.”

Ash Shorley (Image: facebook)

While at the hospital, Shorley had around 70 ounces of liquid drained from his lungs, according to the report.

Chris Shorley said doctors informed him that his son was two days away from death when he arrived at the hospital.

“If he wasn’t so fit and healthy before, he wouldn’t be with us now,” his father told the Sun.

The tourist had to be ferried by specialised seaplane because his damaged lungs could not cope with high altitude travel (Image: The Sun)

“Anyone travelling to Asia I would say to you, get a mask. Everyone here is wearing masks, there are people coughing everywhere. It’s Chinese New Year so this flu is likely to be spreading. It is very serious.”

Ash, who has appeared in Corrie and Hollyoaks, sold his house to travel round South East Asia for a fresh start after the breakdown of a long-term relationship before Christmas.

But one week after flying out on December 19 he had to check into hospital on Koh Phi Phi and medics dashed him to Phuket as his condition rapidly deteriorated.

Source: The Sun

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