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Buying a Face Mask Could Help Save One Of Canada’s Top Attractions: The Vancouver Aquarium

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Earlier this month, the Vancouver Aquarium said that despite laying off 343 staff in order to drastically cut costs, the cost of caring and feeding the animals exceeds 1 million dollars per month.

Since they have been forced to close, they aren’t earning the normal 85% of revenue they make from daily operations. If something didn’t change fast, they were fearing bankruptcy might be the only option. Fears of what might happen to the 70,000 animals that live at the Aquarium instantly became a major concern. 

Thankfully, there is a way we can all help!

The Vancouver Aquarium has teamed up with the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team to make face masks to support the thousands of animals who live there during the pandemic.  

Let’s face it, masks have become an essential accessory and a big part of our ‘new normal’, so what better place to get one than from a beloved Canadian attraction.

The custom designed masks are selling between $17.99 and $19.99 and have assorted designs and sizes available.

60% of the sales of these masks end up going directly to support the Aquarium.

Another great way to support the Vancouver Aquarium right now is to browse their online store. They sell everything from clothing, to sustainable products (like stainless steel straws, reusable totes and bamboo lunch boxes) right to cute toys and stuffies.

Gifts at the online store start at $1.99

The Vancouver Aquarium is a national treasure that is massively popular with BC residents and tourists alike. It was Canada’s first ever aquarium opening back in 1956 and has recently become TripAdvisor’s #3 attraction in all of Vancouver.

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