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Canada Issues Travel Warning For Mexico Regarding Timeshares

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The government of Canada has issued a new travel advisory for Canadians to be aware of high pressure sales tactics used to sell timeshares in Mexico. 

In a new advisory, the Government of Canada is informing its citizens to do their homework and be diligent before signing any timeshare contracts. 

If you've traveled to Mexico, you've most likely come across salesmen offering free meals, spa days or even free hotel stays in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation. The following guidelines will help protect you from fraud or illegal contracts. 

Timeshare sales aggressive tactics Mexico

The Government of Canada warns “Problems with timeshare arrangements occur.”

"Timeshare representatives may be very persistent. They use pressure tactics and offer free tours, meals, gifts or alcoholic beverages."

“It is illegal for timeshare companies to ask you to sign a waiver that prevents you from cancelling a contract.” the official advisory states.  “You are legally entitled to cancel a timeshare contract without penalty within five working days.” 

Contracts must be cancelled in writing directly with the timeshare company.

The Government of Canada warns to not provide your credit card until you are 100% sure you're purchasing (Photo: Hilton Grand Vacations)

The Canada travel advisory for Mexico also provided tips on thier website on what you should do before purchasing a timeshare. 

Before purchasing a timeshare:

  • gather as much information as possible
  • review carefully the contract; anything not included in the contract will not be honored
  • provide your credit card only if you are sure you want to make the purchase
  • keep copies of all correspondence

If you suspect a fraud in the real estate procedures, contact the Mexican Government at the Federal Attorney’s Office of Consumer – immediately.

Canada travel advisory
Your dream vacation could cost you a lot more when you purchase a timeshare (Photo: Park Royal Cozumel)

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