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Cancun and Playa Del Carmen Hotels Will Not Reopen June 1st Says Quintana Roo Government

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Breaking News Update: Wednesday May 20th

Cancun Reopening Announcement Made By Quintana Roo Governor today in a public address.

Link to updated reopening article and announcement at the bottom of this article. 

Hotels in the the Mexican tourism hotspots of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Isla Mujeres will not reopen June 1st as planned.

The government of Quintana Roo has quashed the hopes of optimistic Quintana Roo hotels that expected to reopen on June 1.

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Tourism Minister Marisol Vanegas Pérez burst a few bubbles when she said that “it’s not true that they’ll be able to reopen, since the companies themselves don’t determine that, nor the market. It will be the federal and state governments,” reported Mexico News Daily. 

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She added that the only hotels that should be open for the foreseeable future are those providing service for people carrying out activities deemed essential during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Swimming pools, gyms, spas and other tourist services will remain closed until conditions allow, as reopening early could lead to “disastrous [public health] situations,” Vanegas said.

Although she could not give a specific date, Vanegas did say that they can expect to begin to return to something resembling normal sometime in June.

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“Yes, they’ll be able to open in a preparatory fashion by means of a health certification issued by the Quintana Roo government, which will be voluntary and not obligatory. The main objective is for businesses to be prepared to return to activities on a still unspecified date in June,” she said.

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The certification will be a means by which hotels and other businesses can assure customers that they have minimized the risks of coronavirus transmission as much as possible within their facilities.

So far companies like Xcaret, AM Resorts, Hard Rock, Mayakoba, Royalton, Temptation, Coral Princess and Fiesta Americana Cozumel, among others, have announced June 1st reopenings.

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Governor Carlos Joaquín González also said the state is not ready to reinitiate tourism activities due to the high number of Covid-19 cases.

“We’re still not ready. We must follow the guidelines for having a gradual return. The recommendation continues to be: remain at home,” he said.

Over the coming weeks there are sure to be more announcements made by tourism councils regarding reopenings but until state and federal officials give the go ahead, nothing is written in stone

S VAughn

Thursday 28th of May 2020

As a medical professional in the united states I have to say I have never been afraid to to go out or to go to work, If everyone would use there head and take time to really look past the political agenda of pushing fear to increase their power. What if all the essential workers just stayed home out of fear? There has been too many cases of one personin the household testing positive but no one else in that house getting it yet we are suppose to be afraid to go into a store. It is just makes no sense to live in fear like this. The damage that has been done to the worlds economy and peoples financial situation is far more dangerous then the Virus was ever going to be. If you are in a high risk category stay home, if you are so gripped by fear of something that lets be honest the experts cant even agree on how it can and cant be transmitted from one day to the next then stay home. It is time for the rest of us to return to normal. It does not slow this down to be gradual anymore then just opening. Here in our country the states that opened early and opened everything are now seeing a spike in numbers in fact it is quite the opposite the numbers have all gone done by 40 percent or more. It has become more dangerous to just live in these places where the political leaders seek power and dont really care about the people they are suppose to speak for. The lockdown and financial struggles have led tensions being so high that we have senseless killings of people, over aggressive police tactics and public outrage. Suicides and depression is at an all time high. It is time for people to stop buying into every thing the liberal media puts out there and to use the brain god gave each of us to think for ourselves to be responsible for our own lives and for things to open up return to full strength and normalcy. This is not opinion but has the results to back it up. Look at the states that opened their numbers have improved each week. People who can get out, work, play and live a normal life again are happier, more energetic and active leading to healthier people and a drastic reduction in the numbers in those areas. Places like New York, LA ,San Fransisco who are intent on keeping martial law in place have not seen a decline as substantial as the states that returned to life. :It is time to stand up and say enough is enough and we are going to think for ourselves and take care of ourselves just as we have thru all the hardships that have happened thru out history.

Dr. Ramsey

Thursday 21st of May 2020

Alex, you're for opening. Would you also like an open casket or a closed one?


Thursday 21st of May 2020

Ha...that’s a good one Ramsey. Do you drive a car? If so, do you want an open or closed casket?


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

I applause this decision. Mexico has always been in crisis mindset wise - The people will be back 100% I hope The exhausted eco system gets to breathe and repair a little longer. Maybe for the last time? PROTECT ECO SYSTEM


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

This article should make note that Mexico as the USA is a Federation of States and every state has total independence from the federal government to decide when to open up, the party that controls the federal government and most of the governors is in favour of opening soon, Cancun is in a State with an oposition governor there for all the time those few oposition governor just to enger the federal government try to show their power by going against every single federal iniciative even if that is in detriment of their own states, Puerto vallarta is in a state governed by the same party as the federal government, there for most of those states do care about their economies more than political stand off. Also this article implies that airlines are not currently flying in or out of Mexico, that is a lie, most major cities in Mexico do have international air service to the USA, Europe and south america, mexican airports never closed since the pandemic started, many airilines did stop flying or reduced frecuency but aeromexico never stoped flying to the USA. As well many hotels did stay open in some states, including Mexico city and other tourist destinations, mostly to cater to the domestic market, the Mexican population is deeply divided regarding the effectiveness of lockdowns and this week many states are starting to reopen amid rampant pressure from the general population and do not have the capabilities for enfocing drastic lockdowns, civil desobedience is increasing exponentially and a much more pragmatic aproach is dominating like acheiving herd immunity in the coming years, every one in Mexico knows that the true death toll is hiden from the public to avoid panicking, but few actually are eager to realy knowing the unconfortable truth, most rather risk it and keep working and moving on with their lives as normal as posible, with no doubt other countires will follow the same path instead of the severely destructive lockdowns that are proven inefective and incredibly costly everywhere, economically, politically and psychologically.