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Couples are Risking their Lives to become Instagram Famous

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Couples continue to push the limits for the perfect Instagram photo by risking their lives to capture the ultimate shot. Many of these photos were taken as tourists pass through breathtaking scenery by train in Ella, Sri Lanka. 

Multiple deaths have already occurred on the tracks and authorities have warned tourists to be careful. In 2017 Sri Lankan railway authorities urged tourists to stop taking risky selfies after 28 deaths were recorded that year. The fatalities occurred for a number of reasons but many were said to have happened due to mobile phone use.

All of the warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Camille and John of @backpackdiariez recently went viral in a jaw-dropping post that has accumulated over 53,000 likes and over 2800 comments.

In the caption the Belgian pair said:

We couldn’t think of a better picture to describe our couple:
1. Blind trust in each other, no matter what
2. Madly in love
3. Always having the need to do something different with our lives
4. Living on the edge (sometimes a bit too much)
5. Usually on the run
6. Having fun whenever we can
7. Organized chaos”

The majority of the comments were positive but many Instagram users slammed the couple for risking their lives. 

One user commented “What a foolish thing to do…it's amazing what people do for some likes.”

Another user commented “Promoting danger, lots of people are going to try this and injure themselves or worse”

Despite the backlash others were in full support of the photo.

One commenter gushed “This is the most perfect photo ever”

Another said “What a beautiful picture and beautiful couple”

Camille and John aren't the only ones that have taken risky shots at this location. Raquel and Miguel of @explorerssaurus_ racked up over 50,000 likes with their shot. 

Couples aren't the only ones snapping these stunning and risky photos. Solo travelers have also used the beautiful scenery and dangerous poses to capture likes and followers.