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Croatia Aiming to be the Next Digital Nomad Hotspot

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Croatia is positioning itself to be the world’s top digital nomad destination with news of an official remote working visa on the forefront of being released.

News in the nomad world exploded when Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic tweeted on August 26th that a digital nomad program was on the horizon. Now local authorities and businesses are getting on board with what this could mean for Croatia’s future, including an important digital nomad conference being held later this week. (More info on that below!)

Croatia Aiming to be the next Digital Nomad Hotspot

During the pandemic, more people than ever before have been working from home, which has motivated many governments to take advantage of remote workers and launch new ‘digital nomad’ type visas.

Croatia Aims to be a Top Choice for Digital Nomads

Countries like Bermuda, Barbados, Estonia and Georgia have all jumped on the bandwagon, with Croatia lining up to be one of the most attractive contenders to join in on the fun.

Unlike Bermuda and Barbados, Croatia has a much more affordable cost of living, one of the key requirements in every digital nomads wish-list. Also, when Croatia does officially launch their remote work visa, they will be the second nation in the EU to have one, with considerably better year-round weather than Estonia. All those perks paired with Croatia being open to all nations during the pandemic makes the nation an incredibly alluring country to consider.  

Dubrovnik Top Choice for Digital Nomads

Croatia's Virtual Digital Nomad Conference

This is perfect timing for the Croatia Digital Nomad Conference happening this Friday October 16th, called “Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads”, which is a virtual conference for worldwide remote workers to learn more about what Croatia has to offer.  

Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads Octover 16-25

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, along with the Director of Tourism Dubrovnik will kick-start the conference, followed by a lineup of digital nomad pros and professionals offering insight into not only the lifestyle, but also the more technical and practical sides of being a nomad in Croatia.

Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads virtual event

Yours truly, representing Travel Off Path, is joining the conference as one of the keynote speakers, covering how the digital nomad lifestyle is about to explode, and how Croatia can truly stand-out as a world leader for remote working.

Travel Off path -Kashlee Kucheran Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads

Now that more people are working from home than ever before, the digital nomad lifestyle in Croatia is an extremely real and viable option for so many professionals. Office workers who once thought they’d never expand past the cubicle are now re-imaging their lives working and living abroad, and Croatia is bound to be top of mind. Even seasoned nomads who’ve been around the circuit for some time are looking for new scenery and Croatia is one of the most enticing destinations out there.

No matter if being a digital nomad is still just a dream, or if you are currently living the lifestyle, attending “Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads” virtually this weekend will give you the inspiration and information you need to make spending time in Croatia a reality.

Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads keynote speakers

Some of the topics featured in the virtual conference include:

  • Special announcement about Croatia’s digital nomad visa
  • How Croatia will stand out as a digital nomad leader
  • NY Times bestselling author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols on productivity and wellness as a digital nomad
  • Co-working spaces and professional services available in Croatia
  • Tips on how to capitalize and crush goals while working remotely
  • Practical insights like how Croatian healthcare and taxation will work
  • First-hand experiences from nomads in Croatia now
  • See all speakers/schedule
Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads speakers

Attend the Virtual Conference

Virtual tickets are available here

If you happen to be in Dubrovnik, some spaces for in-person attendees are still available, but very limited.

Read More:
See the full program/schedule for the event
→ Get tickets to the event

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Dawid Lisowski

Tuesday 13th of October 2020

Nice one. My friend ve been in Croatia. I looking for digi nomad from transport industry.

Fomeone Samous

Monday 12th of October 2020

Great news! When will you reveal the requirements for getting this special visa?

Kashlee Kucheran

Tuesday 13th of October 2020

We will post the details once we know more, hopefully during the conference this weekend :)