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Delta Airlines Offering Free Snack Bags On Domestic Flights In The U.S.

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Every epic journey should begin with some great snacks.

Delta Air Lines is now offering free snack bags to travelers on all domestic flights in hopes of decreasing high-touch points of contact on its aircraft during the coronavirus pandemic.

The carrier announced the debut of the snack bags on Thursday, touting that the containers can double as individual trash bags once the contents are consumed. For now, the snack bags include Cheez-It crackers, Biscoff cookies and an 8.5 ounce bottle of Dasani water, plus a hand sanitizing wipe and a cocktail napkin.

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“We want our customers and crewmembers to know we will always have their backs,” Mike Crowley, vice president of onboard service operations, said in a statement. “As this pandemic evolves, we continue to innovate our service and respond to crew and customer feedback, while maintaining our focus on providing the hospitality Delta is known for.”

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Passengers will receive their snack bags when flight attendants make their first pass through the cabin, according to the release. But grab 'em while they're hot–the snack bag items may vary based on availability, Delta said.

More information about Delta’s adjustments to safety and service through the ongoing outbreak can be found on their website.

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Among other efforts to promote safe travel during the COVID-19 crisis, Delta has also extended adjustments for coronavirus-impacted travel plans for up to two years. Airline passengers can now cancel, change and rebook travel for the next 24-plus months to provide some “breathing room” during this time of crisis.

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