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Luxury Hotel In New Dheli Allegedly ‘Dumped’ Woman at Hospital and Forgot About Her

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A solo female traveler that injured herself when she fell in the shower, is speaking out after a luxury hotel in New Dehli allegedly ‘dumped' her at a hospital and forgot about her. 

Beatrice Imathiu from Kenya was on a bucketlist vacation to India when the dream vacation turned into a nightmare ordeal. At around 7:30 am on October 21st, Imathiu was taking a shower at the 5-star, Grand New Dehli hotel when she slipped on the smooth black tiles in her shower.

When Imathiu fell, she heard her arm snap and immediately went into crippling and severe pain. She had “luckily” kept her cell phone beside the shower and called for help as she was unable to get herself up. 

Bathroom at The Grand New Dehli Hotel
Bathroom at The Grand New Dehli Hotel (Photo -

Imathiu told Travel Off Path that two female hotel workers arrived at her room quickly but when she asked them to call an ambulance they allegedly told her “there is too much traffic and will take too long” so they should take a hotel car instead.  

Imathiu said they then sprayed her arm with a numbing agent but accidentally used too much causing her skin to start ‘burning'. She then “begged” them to call an ambulance as she was still lying naked on the floor and unable to get up. 

"I was in so much screaming pain. I was literally begging them, 'please call an ambulance' and they just kept saying there was too much traffic.

(Photo: Yadav Ambulance)

According to Imathiu, the hotel staff finally agreed to call an ambulance to transport her to hospital which then arrived in only 10 minutes.  Imathiu said that a hotel employee did escort her to the hospital but after, she did not see or hear from anyone at the hotel regarding the accident again. 

kenya woman injuries from hotel
Beatrice Imathiu suffered a broken arm in her fall

Upon being admitted to the hospital, Imathiu said she received great care and was quickly operated on to repair her shattered arm. She spent the next two days recovering in hospital before booking an early flight home back to Kenya. 

She allegedly received a call Saturday night from the hotel to ask if she had checked out of her room. They did not mention the accident or follow up on what had happend.

When Travel Off Path asked how she was able to keep smiling during the recovery she referred to a facebook post she had made in a private travel group. She said “the hotel may have left me alone but God has got me.”

Beatrice Imathiu Is now recovering (Photo of Imathiu traveling in Cape Town before the accident)

“I've had to pay $700 for a flight change and $4000 for my surgery but luckily I never go on vaction without travel insurance.” said Imathiu. “My insurance company, Resolution health is Kenyan owned and has taken amazing care of me”

Imathiu told Travel Off Path that it she initially wasn't looking for financial compensation from the hotel at this point. She just wanted someone at the hotel to care about what happened to her. 

"The thing that hurt most is the hotel has never once contacted me about the accident. Not an email, not a text, nothing. They just don't care about me."

The Grand New Delhi Hotel has not responded to our request for a comment about the incident. 

The hotel also did not address any of the comments asking for an explanation of their actions from social media users on their Facebook page. 

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