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Man That Released Mice In Hotel Rooms To Score Free Stays Has Been Arrested

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One Utah man faces criminal charges after allegedly releasing rodents in at least three different hotels in the Beehive State in order to score the lodgings for free.

Authorities say that Ryan Sentelle State recently admitted that he has freed mice and hamsters in his room at various hotels, complained about the pesky critters and then enjoyed the room at no cost, KUTV reported.

Ryan Sentelle State, pictured. (Salt Lake County Jail)
Ryan Sentelle State (Salt Lake County Jail)

Though police believe State successfully executed the stunt in at least three hotels, they allege it “likely occurred at many more” as well.

According to a probable cause statement, State would cite the feces left by rodents to make his case for free accommodations. Police say this ploy has damaged several hotel rooms.

Mouse in hotel room

The exploit also came at a steep cost to hotels.

Authorities investigating the case claim the released rodents “damaged several hotel rooms” and cost the owners of the properties thousands of dollars as they were forced to contact pest control to remove the offending creatures from inside the rooms.

State faces five class B misdemeanor charges with three counts of criminal mischief and two charges of theft by deception.

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