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Mexico Has Asked All Foreign Tourists and Guests To Leave Immediately

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Authorities in Mexico are asking all foreign guests to leave the country as soon as possible. 

Canadians currently in Mexico received a letter from the Canadian government warning them to return home. 

mexico asks foreigners to leave

“Mexican authorities are now requesting that foreign guests return to their home country as soon as possible.”

The Mexican Secretariats of Health and Tourism issued a joint communiqué today related to the measures for the Mexican hotel industry during the Covid-19 emergency. These apply to both Mexican and foreign guests. Some hotels will be allowed to offer restricted accommodation services to foreign tourists for humanitarian reasons only. Note that mobility of guests will be limited to their room.

return home from mexico

We strongly urge Canadians to return home as soon as possible.

Canadians returning to Canada from Mexico by land:

Please note that Canadians transiting through the United States southern land border with onward travel to Canada to return home have generally had their travel considered essential and were able to enter the US. However, given evolving requirements and border restrictions, we recommend travellers to check the situation with US authorities prior to departure: .

All travellers must be asymptomatic and must not have visited China, Iran, and European Schengen area, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland in the last 14 days (this list may change, please check prior to travelling). Note that the decision to admit you to the United States rests with US authorities. Travellers must carry valid travel documents, and meet all applicable border requirements.

canadians leave mexico

Canadians flying back from Mexico

Please be advised that commercial options are becoming fewer by the day. You may wish to explore other commercial airlines that are still operating flights and/or consider departure from another city across Mexico.

There are still flights available to various destinations in Canada, but these options are quickly becoming more limited.

Aeromexico flight

We strongly urge Canadians in Mexico to take advantage of the remaining commercial flights which are still available for return to Canada.

Up to now, Canadians whose travel was deemed essential by US authorities, were asymptomatic and had no recent travel in the countries listed above, have been allowed to transit through the US as long as the flight transit is done in less than 36 hours, and they have an onward flight ticket to Canada.

cancun airport

In recent weeks, Mexico airports were flooded with snowbirds and tourists trying to flee the country and return home. 

United States and Mexico Land Border Closed To Non-essential Traffic For Another 30 Days

As border restrictions continue to evolve, we urge all travellers considering this option to validate all requirements with US authorities prior to travelling. If you choose not to return, you may be faced with sheltering in place.

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Monday 6th of April 2020

We too are trying hard to get home but flights keep getting good canceled...we are booked on West jet May 5th please don't cancel our flight again

Beth McCartney

Monday 6th of April 2020

How are Canadians to get home when the flights are constantly being canceled. My sister inlaw has had 6 flights canceled so far.