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The First Non-Smoking Resort On The Las Vegas Strip

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Park MGM, formerly Monte Carlo, will reportedly be the first completely non-smoking casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip when it reopens. 

Park Mgm hotel aerial view

The casino, hotel, pool, restaurants and rooms will be all non-smoking according to Vital Vegas

There’s been a lot of buzz about Las Vegas casinos possibly going non-smoking but popular wisdom has been a non-smoking casino in Vegas is doomed.

Park MGM is the perfect casino resort to take the smoking ban leap.

While the timing is related to the COVID-19 crisis, a smoking ban is going to be a huge market differentiator for Park MGM. That marketing hook is needed more than ever, especially because the hotel has not met expectations since the Monte Carlo rebrand. Ditto the resorts hotel-within-a-hotel, NoMad

According to VitalVegas, The goal for Park MGM has always been to appeal to younger customers. The “bold” move to ban smoking is certain to be a draw for customers who may never have been to Park MGM, or Monte Carlo for that matter.

It seems likely the smoking ban at Park MGM will be presented as “temporary,” but if it results in pulling in new customers, it may end up being the beginning of a trend for Las Vegas casinos, despite the vocal opposition to such a cultural and business shift.

Park MGM at night

Interestingly, former MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren may have tipped the company’s hand about a smoke-free Vegas casino, without ever mentioning a specific resort.

In an interview with Fox 5 Las Vegas, Murren said he believed over time Las Vegas casinos will “gravitate” toward being smoke-free.

Another hint MGM Resorts would make this move? A survey sent to loyalty club members specifically asked if enforcing non-smoking policies would increase their chances of returning sooner. 

Survey from MGM about non smoking policies in their resort (Image: VitalVegas)

The best players at Park MGM are already being contacted by their casino hosts to make sure they’re cool with the smoking ban according to VitalVegas

There’s been no official announcement from Park MGM about the rumored smoking ban or a reopening date but Vital Vegas (a popular Las Vegas blog) has speculated July 1st.

A version of this article first appeared on Vital Vegas

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Stephen Hinkle

Saturday 18th of July 2020

I would go there more often if smoking were banned. I am a non-smoker and prefer smoke-free accommodations. I think it is time for Vegas to go smoke-free. Hotels around the USA are going smoke-free as the norm now. Plus, the number of smokers is dropping to all time lows in the USA. In the USA, the smoking rate is only 13.8% and in Nevada the rate is only 17.6% (Centers for Disease Control). Plus, many casinos in other states do fine as smoke-free properties, such as MGM National Harbor, Maryland Live, Harrahs New Orleans, Angel of The Winds, Taos Mountain Casino, Commerce Casino, and many others. Plus, several tribal casinos went smoke-free as the result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I think Las Vegas can do the same.

Rebecca Dew

Saturday 18th of July 2020

I will not go to Park if non-smokimg and usually I stay there quite often.

Edna l. Hudson

Saturday 4th of July 2020

I will not be playing the slot machines in Vegas as long as smoking is permitted. When you exhale a cigarette all of the droplets and particles come out of your mouth. I'm a local and I love to gamble but l my days over in this there's no smoking at the slot machines.


Thursday 4th of June 2020

If it's true, it may be a differentiator, but I don't think it will make the former Monte Carlo a popular casino. Smoking is not a major issue with most Vegas visitors, no matter how much they might complain about it back home.

There are plenty of non-smoking casinos now in other states, but I don't think MGM Park is the start of a Vegas trend.