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The Hotel HACK That Will Help You Sleep Better Has Gone Viral On Twitter

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After spending over 1000 nights in hotels the past 5 years, I like to think of myself as an expert traveler. I thought I knew all the hacks out there to make my stay more comfortable until I saw an ingenious post that has gone VIRAL on Twitter. 

 The hotel hack posted by social media user @rklau has collected almost 400,000 likes since Thursday. 

The hotel room hack to make your stay more comfortable is simple. If there are those pesky blinds that dont quite close all the way, take a coat hanger from the closet and use the clamps to pin them together. Voilà, instant black out blinds created without the street lights piercing your eyelids. 

hotel room clean

There is one small problem with his “ingenious hack”. Many hotel rooms feature anti-theft hangers that can not be removed from the rod. To get around this, pack some beach towel clips in your bag! They will serve a dual purpose of preventing your beach towel from blowing away and keep those blinds shut tight for a good night's sleep. 

anti theft hangers
Towel clips

Other Twitter users were quick to add their own hotel hacks to the viral post.

One user suggested bringing electrical tape in your luggage to cover annoying blinking lights that are common in most hotel rooms. 

Another Twitter user suggested using any type of card (rather than your room key) to keep the power from going out in your room. 

One germaphobe Twitter user suggested using the ice bag to keep the TV remote completely covered for the duration of your stay. 

I believe the plastic bag may have gone too far myself but each to their own. I usually just wipe them down with anti-bacterial wipes. Check out our guide on the Top 10 things ALL travelers should do when checking into a hotel room.

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