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The Start of the ‘New Home 90’ Movement

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Through the shed of our material possessions, debt, and a permanent place to call ‘home', something incredible is coming together.  As be both begin to see the world through a fresh lens we realize how sharing our journey can impact people in such a positive way.  Our calling is to share the world with you in hopes you will be inspired to one day take a leap towards your own adventure.

Hence, our creation of ‘New Home 90' is coming to life. 

Did you know that 1/3 of North American's are unhappy with their life?  When you just read that stat, which side did you put yourself on in your own mind?  Was it the unhappy side along with over 100 million others?

The feeling of ‘not enough', a crushing weight of pressure, a lingering state of depression, and a general unhappiness is literally taking over the world.  We felt it too.  The more we settled into everyday life the more we got pulled in to the most gigantic and harmful scam in the universe, ‘Keeping up with the Jones's'.  The accumulation of absolute crap we didn't need, the desire for MORE, the piling up of credit card debt at 29% interest, the realization that we couldn't travel when we wanted to because of boundaries, bills, and payments to the bank.

I think we all day dream (usually from our offices) about giving it all up and moving to some remote beach with crystal clear blue water, an ice cold beverage in hand, looking out past the horizon at the setting sun.  RIGHT?  But then we tell ourselves that we are being ‘stupid' or ‘unrealistic' and that “we have bills piling up, student loans to take care of, a mortgage to pay, and maxed out credit cards that need some attention”.

So what if we got rid of all that crap that is stopping us from truly doing what we WANT to do?

The answer is: You can. We did. 🙂 

For Trevor and I, the way we want to live is without boundaries.   Without interest.  Without debts.  Without weight of material items we don’t need or use.  This simple way of life opens up doors for what we are actually on this planet to do: LIVE AND EXPLORE and experience happiness!  (To get a better idea of our minimalist philosophy and what inspired this journey, take a peek HERE)

What is ‘New Home 90'?

It's a commitment to experience a different home at least once every 90 days, where you leave it better than when you came.

It's a movement that invites you to travel with purpose. It's a way of life.

A ‘Home' can be: 

  • A week away at a hotel in a sunny destination
  • A staycation in your city in an area you have never explored before
  • A weekend campsite or RV'ing road trip
  • Or follow our lead and set the ultimate example of ‘New Home 90': sell everything, let go of your permanent home, and travel the world choosing a new destination every 90 days.

‘New Home 90' is a pledge to invest in seeing the world instead of accumulating ‘things', and to give back to places you visit.

Kashlee Mountain View NH90

Our First stop on our ‘New Home 90' Adventure in Vernon, BC Canada

Why 90 Days?

To break free from a stagnant life full of pressure, debts, false senses of security by never becoming complacent.  We have noticed in past travels , and in life in general, that after about 3 months time we stop noticing the beauty of where we are.  We start becoming ‘used to it', we stop adventuring as often, we put things off.  We start to accumulate things we don't need in an effort to fill spaces that don't need to be filled.  Instead, with an ever revolving opportunities we will make better use of our time in each place.  90 days encourages us to ‘Carpe Diem'.

What Will WE DO During Those 90 Days? 

Live LIFE. See and experience as much as we can, all while living a ‘normal' life.  90 days (or sometimes less) allows a significant amount of time in one particular place to drink up it's culture, leave with a full belly, and be ready to see what's next. Instead of living in one space, with one hefty mortgage to match it, we will sample all kinds of homes and cultures, while still doing everyday things.


  • We will work our normal work days and continue building our business
  • Set aside time for local culture, experiences, and tourism (and tons of impromptu photo shoots with Trevor my ‘Instagram husband')
  • Document and share our journey in each place so YOU can get inspired by affordable extended world travel
  • We will commit to donating a portion of our TIME and INCOME to volunteering and charity work in that community.

Trevor Kucheran New Home 90

We will Share ‘New Home 90' with YOU, by posting:

  – Our time in the most beautiful countries of the world

  – The best hotel, rental and airfare travel tips and deals

  – How to travel with less, minimalism on the go, how less debt equals more opportunities to see the world

  – Working/volunteering from abroad, couples travel and tips on how to start living an extraordinary life

We are committing to share this movement and way of life with you. We promise to bring you value, insight, and a whole lot of entertainment 😉 . All you need to do is subscribe to our updates and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop.Trevor Kucheran Travel New Home 90

What ‘New Home 90' GIVES BACK:

The ‘New Home 90' mission statement is “Leave every place better then when you found it”.

We want to invest into the communities we call home for 90 days, in order to travel with a cause and create a movement of tourism that gives back.  In each country we will donate some time volunteering and/or a portion of our income to a local cause.  This makes ‘New Home 90' a project that aligns deeply with our core values and hopefully makes a larger impact than we ever could imagine!

We want to start a trend of responsible tourism that empowers people to give back to the places they visit.  Let's make this world a better place one trip at a time!


How YOU can join the ‘New Home 90' movement:

Anyone can join ‘New Home 90'.  If you have ever wanted to travel and see the world, but always felt it wasn't possible for you, we are telling you IT IS COMPLETELY POSSIBLE.  Through minimizing your debts, selling unused items, de-cluttering your life, and making travel a priority over ‘stuff', absolutely anyone on any budget can participate.

You do NOT have to sell everything and travel full time to be a part of New Home 90.  You will just make an agreement to travel every 90 days, even if it's just a weekend away 🙂 

New Home 90 Hashtag


Here's how to take the ‘New Home Every 90' Challenge:

  1. Experience a different ‘home' at least once every 90 days  

  2. Leave it better than when you found it. Donate or Volunteer.

Not ready to ditch the mortgage and start experiencing the world full time?  No problem.

New Home Every 90′ can also mean you simply TRAVEL every 90 days, even if it's a weekend away.  This would give you an awesome travel goal of at least 4 times a year to experience something new.  A new home could be a hotel for a week, a cabin in the woods over a long weekend, or a condo you rent with friends on the beach. It's just a place where you rest your head and make new memories.  Make the commitment to travel at least once every 90 days.  Even if you are there for 4 nights, find a way to GIVE BACK to that community even if it's in a small way, and tell us about your adventures!

Make ‘New Home 90' your new travel challenge and tag us! 

Where should we start our ‘New Home 90' Adventure??? ↓↓↓

We know you have tons of ideas and opinions on where we should go!  COMMENT BELOW telling us:

  • What countries or cities you think we should call ‘home' for 90 days??
  • What kinds of things you want to see us post??
  • If there are any volunteer of charitable opportunities you think we should connect with??

CHEERS to this new global adventure we get to take with YOU! — T&K

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