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Trump Bans All Flights to Cuba Except Havana in Crackdown

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President Donald Trump's administration is banning all flights to Cuba with the exception of those to the city of Havana in the latest round of crackdowns on the island nation.

Flights to nine destinations in Cuba, not including Havana, will be suspended by the Department of Transportation. The ban will go go into effect on Dec. 10 and was announced on Friday. 

havan cuba skyline
Havana, Cuba - The only destination that U.S commercial flights will operate

The announcement is another step in the Trump administration's attempt to tighten the relationship between the US and Cuba. It's a direct reversal of President Barack Obama's Cuba policy.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a letter to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao that the flights are being suspended indefinitely because of Cuba’s repression of its people and support for Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro.

Flights have been suspended due to Cuba’s repression of its people and support for Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro

American Airlines and JetBlue both fly routes to cities in Cuba other than Havana and will have to end those routes in accordance with the new regulations. Those who have purchased flights are encouraged to get in contact with their travel agent or the airline they booked with. 

jet blue plane

The Cuban government slammed the US just hours after the announcement. In a tweet, Cuban Foreign Ministry General Director Carlos Fernández de Cossio criticized the US, accusing it of not caring about the consequences of its actions.

"In an effort to punish Cuba's unbreakable rebelliousness, imperialism takes aim at regular flight service to various Cuban cities. They don't care if they impact family contacts, the limited means of Cubans in both countries or unjust inconveniences."

Source and quotes from: CNN & NBC

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