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U.S. Virgin Islands Have Reopened For International Tourism

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The U.S. Virgin Islands will officially reopen its borders for a second time starting on September 19th, allowing both American visitors and international tourists to enter, but you can only fly IN from the United States.

If you are a U.S. citizen you don’t even need a passport to go.

This article will show you which flights have already resumed to islands, what hotels are currently open, and any rules that travelers need to follow during their visit to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

usvi reopening

Important Update Sept 15th:

USVI Reopenin For Tourism Again

The USVI's closed down for a second time on August 19th but will now officially reopen on September 19th, 2020. 

On June 1, 2020 The U.S. Virgin Islands, including St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John have reopened for tourism. The airports are open and are receiving incoming tourists with health screenings and temperature checks.

What Nationalities Can Visit The USVI's?

Currently, ANY nationality is welcome to fly into the USVI's, but only if they are flying in from a U.S. airport. We called border control and protection for the islands and an agent confirmed that as long as the tourist is physically flying in from the States, they are eligible for entry. 

Are there testing or quarantine periods in effect for the U.S. Virgin Islands?

Updates September 15th:

All travelers to the territory arriving on or after September 19 will be required to upload proof of a negative COVID-19 test result via an online portal designed to pre-screen visitors for coronavirus prior to arrival.

PCR and antigen tests are accepted and must be performed with results available a maximum 5 days before entering. 

Visitors that do not upload a test before arriving will face a mandatory 14 day quarantine, or may not be able to board their flight at all.

ALL visitors will have their temperature taken on arrival, as we as a health screening. Any symptomatic travelers will be tested and/or quarantined.  

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Are there any rules for visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands?

Yes, here a few of the rules for tourists visiting the USVI.

  • Masks MUST be worn on the inbound flight, arriving into the airport, and leaving the airport
  • Travelers must agree to the health screening and temperature checks upon landing
  • Masks must be worn in restaurants and public indoor spaces
  • Travelers should abide by social distancing, hand washing, and sanitizing
USVI tourism rules

Photo Cred: USVI Tourism

What Flights Have Resumed to the U.S. Virgin Islands (St.Thomas)

There are two major airports in the U.S. Virgin Islands; St Thomas and St Croix. Most flights go directly into St Thomas.

As of June, here is who’s currently flying into St Thomas from:

  • Atlanta on Delta
  • Houston on United
  • Miami on American
  • Fort Lauderdale on Spirit
  • Charlotte on American
  • San Juan on Cape Air

In July, Spirit will resume flights from Orlando and Liat will resume flights from Antigua.

usvi open border for tourism

What’s Open in the U.S. Virgin Islands

The USVI are in the second last stage of their reopening plans, called “Open Door” stage. This means that all businesses are open and tourism has resumed. Here’s more details on what’s currently open:

  • Hotels, resorts and other accommodations
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational facilities like movie theatres, bowling alleys, sports centres, etc.
  • Gatherings of up to 50 people
  • Restaurants for eat-in or take-out
  • Shops, boutiques, and stores
  • Beaches
usvi reopening phase

Photo Cred: USVI Tourism

Hotels that are open in St. Thomas

frenchmans cove us virgin islands
Frenchmans Cove

Hotels that are open in St. Croix

  • Arawak Bay
  • Buccaneer
  • Caravelle Hotel and Casino
  • Chenay Bay Beach Resort
  • Club Comanche
  • Cottages by the Sea
  • The Fred
  • Holger Danske
  • Hotel on the Cay
  • The Inn Strand Street
  • King’s Alley Hotel
  • King Christian Hotel
  • The Palms at Pelican Cove
  • Sand Castle on the Beach
  • Tamarind Reef Resort
  • Company House Hotel (not until July 1st)
Buccaneer hotel us virgin islands
The Buccaneer

Hotels that are open in St. John

westin resort is reopen us virgin islands
The Westin

The U.S. Virgin Islands were very keen on reopening as soon as it was safe, as they're primarily dependent on tourism. Travel, and other tourism based services, account for almost 60% of the Virgin Island's GDP and about half of total civilian employment.

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Disclaimer: The US Virgin Islands reopening news is ever-changing and being updated constantly. We do our best to keep this article up to date with all the latest information, but the decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry before traveling.

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Originally published June 21, 2020 with updates

Pam Evans

Monday 15th of February 2021

Any more updates that are more recent? My husband and I are traveling to St John from the U.S in May and we have both had 2 rounds of the vaccination. Is the pre-testing still required?


Friday 19th of February 2021

@Pam Evans, I am going tomorrow. I have not had the vaccine yet BUT on the registration portal it says that you must have either: antibody test (to show past infection or vaccine works), PCR, or rapid test. I did the rapid test, and submitted all the info online and it was super easy.

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 15th of February 2021

With the information I have - yes, pre-testing is still required

Dan MacGillivray

Tuesday 27th of October 2020

Shawn, what does this mean? I will be travelling from Boston, MA to St Thomas taking ferry over to St John for (7) days to stay at the Westin. What should I need to be aware of, I don't want and can't afford to get stuck in St Thomas longer than my I planned. Thx Dan


Monday 12th of October 2020

My daughter and 2 Sons one an infant is stucked in St Thomas because they were NOT aware of the Testing. Was only going for 2 days! Now they trying to make them stay for 14days. They came from Georgia. So... afraid and anrgy!

Stephanie Ayers

Monday 3rd of August 2020

Do they have an age requirement for testing?

Aubrey Graf-Daniels

Thursday 30th of July 2020

If your state, NY has a 1% infection rate do we need the test?