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VIDEO: Alleged Canadian Assaults a Puerto Vallarta Reporter Who Caught Him Using The Closed Beach

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Despite the closure of beaches and recreational centers ordered by the authorities, on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta you can still see tourists sunbathing like in any holiday season.

Reporter Doraliz Terrón reported this situation in a live broadcast when she was assaulted by a man allegedly from Canada that was in his 50s.

Man is his 50's assaulta reporter

“You can’t film us. You need our permission. And we don’t give you permission. Get out of here!” Says a man, as he slaps the reporter’s hands to try to take away the phone she was using to make the recording.

Canadian Assaults a Puerto Vallarta Reporter Who Caught Him Using The Beach

After jerking, when the picture in the picture points back to where the tourists were, another man can be seen as he makes offenses to the reporter for the digital media Parallel Informational.


It should be noted that beaches in Mexico are public federal property where permission is not needed to take photos or videos of people in public space.

Man attacks reporter on beach

After the incident, the reporter points out: “These are the tourists who come to Puerto Vallarta and do not understand that there is a coronavirus contingency,” was what she managed to say as she left the site to search for authorities to report the attack.

Prior to the attack, Doraliz Terrón spoke with a Civil Protection lifeguard agent who was doing the work of recommending people to leave the beach area, but also clarified that the order cannot be enforced, but they are only encouraging people to stay away.

Man at ebach against quarantine Puerto vallarta

In a post-assault video, the reporter explained that although restaurants in Puerto Vallarta are allowed to continue providing the service in their facilities with all the necessary health measures, it is not allowed to use palapas and tables in the sand as a recreational activity.

“The man who physically assaulted me, tried to remove the phone, pushed me, is still free and enjoying his vacation … and there is no authority that is going to do anything about the assault, not even to present it to the municipal police so that he can issue his statement. He is a tourist and in a day or two he leaves and there is no care that he assaulted a Mexican citizen, a woman, while visiting the country,# said the communicator who admitted feeling shocked and very upset.

man threatens reporter

VIDEO: Man Assaults reporter who caught him using Beach during a quarantine in Puerto Vallarta. 

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Rick Lazaroff

Sunday 3rd of May 2020

I would like to apologize to Mexico, the reporter and the Mexican people for the ignorant behaviour by a fellow Canadian. Most Canadians are not as badly mannered as the Canadian who assaulted the Mexican reporter. I like most Canadians have great respect for Mexico and it’s people. Thank you. Rick Lazaroff. Toronto, Ontario Canada. As soon as travel returns, I will be booking a vacation in Puerto Vallarta. It will b my 16th visit to your beautiful city.