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Video of Three Elephants Stopping For a Drink at a Pool

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Video of Three Elephants Stopping For a Drink at a Pool

Two tourists were caught off guard when three thirsty elephants arrived at their hotel swimming pool. The hotel is located in Kruger National Park, South Africa which is currently going through its dry season. 

Water becomes scarce as rivers dry up so elephants will take advantage of any watering holes they can find. In this case it was beside a couple relaxing at a hotel pool that quenched their thirst.

It appears as though the water wasn't quite “high quality” enough for one of the elephants as he opted to pass on the opportunity. 

The elephants didn't seem to mind the two hotel guests laying on their pool chairs. As I watched the extremely still tourists in the video I couldn't help but think of the classic Weekend at Bernie's. 

The man that shot the video Ivan Ueckermann told The Daily Mail:

“They are opportunistic animals and will stop at any water for a drink if it's within reach. It was awesome to witness, they are super relaxed with human presence and come and go at their own will”