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You Can Spend The Night In India’s Biggest Jail Sleeping With Real Prisoners

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The Tihar prison, in Delhi, India, is reported to be in the final stages of approval to become a dark tourism location – guests will stay among prisoners with no phones.

The dark tourism market has exploded in recent years as travellers look for for the weird, macabre and scary locations on offer around the globe.

Dark tourism has been defined as tourism involving travelling to places historically associated with death and tragedy.

So those who love to try something different will be keen to try the latest dark tourism destination in Delhi.

The Delhi Tihar Jail, Asia’s biggest prison, may soon begin offering tourists the opportunity to stay in the jail overnight.

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When inside the prison, guests aren't permitted to have phones on them as they are residing beside real inmates.

Home to notorious criminals like Indian terrorist organisation Mujahideen founder, Yasin Bhatkal and mobster Chhota Rajan, the prison is no safe haven.


A source told Mail Today, in India, that a review of the complex which was meant to house visitors had been completed.

They said: “The feedback by superintendent-rank officers emphasised that visitors could be kept with inmates of semi-open and open prisons.

“Also, proper uniform of the jail must be provided to the visitors and s/he should be kept away from mobile phones and other special facilities.”

The prison is spread across 400 acres of land and houses 16,000 prisoners – making it the most populated prison in India.

The large complex which will house visitors will have complex security features.

India Today claim that an official said: “The visitor has to spend a typical day as spent by any other prisoner in Tihar.

“They have to sleep on the floor, get up early in the morning, cook, grind wheat, clean the premises, participate in activities such as yoga, meditation, painting, etc.

“Time-to-time checking of the visitors will also be done.”

The anonymous Mail Today source added: “Only selected inmates will be allowed to live in this complex with the visitors.

“These prisoners will be shortlisted based on their behaviour while they are lodged in jail…

”It is important for visitors to share the same premises with these inmates, so that they can interact with them, listen to their stories.”

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According to the source, the overnight stay will cost 2,000 Indian rupees, or £21.57.

In Tihar, guests will be treated to food cooked by prisoners.

While the experience has not yet been opened or announced a jail spokesperson said that the project file had been forwarded to the state Home department for approval.

Sandeep Goel, DG (Prisons) told Mail Today that jail authorities received several requests to visit the prison.

He said: “Even foreigners want to stay in Tihar for a live experience of Indian jails. The wish will soon be fulfilled.”

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