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10 U.S. Cities With The Highest Airbnb Fees

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Which cities in the United States have the highest Airbnb fees? If you're planning a trip this summer and thinking of staying in an Airbnb to save money, you'll want to think twice about these destinations.

According to Forbes, these cities have the worst Airbnb fees, which can add as much as 48% to the total cost of your stay.

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Airbnb has already come under fire for the unpopular practice of allowing hosts to charge guests an exorbitant cleaning fee on top of requiring guests to perform cleaning chores before checking out.

In addition to cleaning fees, Airbnb hosts can also charge a “service fee.”

When combined with taxes, these fees can add up and make the total cost of your stay much higher than the advertised price, which only includes the nightly rate.

These are the top 10 U.S. cities with the highest Airbnb fees:

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1. Atlanta, Georgia

While Atlanta has one of the lowest average nightly rates on this list at $192 per night, your savings won't go as far as you might expect due to sky-high fees.

The average fees, combining cleaning fees, service fees, and taxes, on an Airbnb rental in Atlanta comes to a whopping 48% additional cost.

2. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a popular destination in the American Southwest known for its year-round sun and warmth, and desert beauty. But booking an Airbnb in Phoenix is not without high costs.

With an average nightly rate of $202, Phoenix Airbnbs also comes with a staggering 47% in additional fees.

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3. Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach has some of the best beaches in Florida.

But if you're planning a vacation to this popular Florida beach destination, expect to pay an average nightly rate of $248 with 46% extra in fees.

4. Davenport, Florida

Davenport, Florida has the lowest average nightly rate on this list, at just $166 per night.

However, guests at Airbnbs in this town less than half an hour from Disney World should still expect to be hit with high fees, adding an additional 45% to the total cost of their stay.


5. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee falls squarely in the middle of this list of cities with the worst Airbnb fees.

Guests staying at Airbnbs in this Southern city will pay, on average, $215 per night, along with an additional 45% in fees.

6. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is one of the most popular winter destinations in the United States for skiing and snowboarding. But Airbnbs in this city come at a premium.

Guests will pay, on average, $293 per night (the highest cost on this list) with an additional 45% in fees.

Park City Utah

7. Scottsdale, Arizona

Another Arizona city on this list is Scottsdale. Known as an upscale luxury destination with access to nature, Scottsdale Airbnbs have an average nightly price of $253.

But additional fees will tack on an additional 45% to the total cost.

8. Houston, Texas

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and growing quickly.

For travelers staying at an Airbnb in this Texas city, you can expect to pay $193 per night (on the lower end of this list) but with 45% in additional fees.

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9. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, also known as The Big Easy, is famous for letting the good times roll.

But when it comes to Airbnb fees, this city is notorious, charging an additional 45% in fees on top of an average nightly rate of $203.

10. Chicago, Illinois

Rounding out the list of cities with the worst Airbnb fees is Chicago.

Guests staying at an Airbnb rental in The Windy City should expect an additional 44% in fees on top of the average nightly rate of $257.

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