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3 More EU Countries Tighten Restrictions On Travelers Over Delta Variant Concerns

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Over the past few months, more and more countries across Europe altered their entry requirements to allow more travel to take place as it seemed the continent had turned a corner when it came to preventing the virus from spreading. However, the spread of the Delta variant has picked up the pace across the continent, leading some countries to rethink their arrangements.

Several European Countries Alter Restrictions As Delta Variant Spreads

Several European countries have altered their local restrictions to contain the spread of the virus, and some are even beginning to add to their travel restrictions just weeks after they were rolled back. Here’s a look at the latest changes to occur across Europe.

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German Restriction Changes Travelers Should Know About

Germany has tightened its restrictions for travelers coming from Spain, the Netherlands, Greece and Ireland’s Mid-West and Midland regions, following a spike in cases in these regions. Now considered risk areas, travelers coming from these areas must present proof of either vaccination against Covid-19, recent recovery from the virus or negative test results. German citizens are also advised not to travel to these countries, which could have a detrimental effect on tourism in these regions.

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Greece Goes Quiet – Information For Travelers

Greece was one of the first countries on the continent to make overtures to the masses of travel-starved tourists when it was announced back in March that they would be letting travelers back into the country. In an effort to make the country even more appealing to foreign tourists, the country removed the mask mandate for outdoor spaces and removed several social distancing measures, giving travelers a vacation option that resembled the pre-pandemic world. However, the country may have acted too soon.

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular islands, known for its lavish parties and stunning backdrops. It attracts more than a million guests in a typical year, including the rich and famous who flock to its shores for a vacation full of revelry and fun. Travelers heading there in the next few days may find that the party is over, as the island is set to ban music from being played around the clock in its shops, cafes and beach bars, as well as restricting movement from 1AM to 6AM. The news falls a worrisome rise in cases on the island.

The news also follows recent announcements that vaccine passports are to become mandatory in Greece in order to gain access to bars, restaurants, theatres and nightclubs. Addressing the move, the Greek Prime Minister said “The aim is for the end of the pandemic not to become a prelude to a new ordeal in the fall, therefore, starting today and quickly, we can close the last chapter of the health crisis.”

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Spain Adds Restrictions – What Travelers Should Know

Spain has also gotten in on the act of implementing local restrictions. More than 30 towns in the region of Valencia have been handed curfews and limits on socializing, designed to combat a rise in cases of the Delta variant amongst young people. The move comes as the country is bracing itself for an influx of British travelers, following changes to the UK’s travel restrictions that are set to go live on July 19th. Valencia is home to Benidorm, a destination that is very popular with British travelers, and the curfew could ensure that no cases of the Delta variant are imported from the UK.

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Barcelona has also limited social gatherings to groups of 10 people in a bid to stop the virus from spreading further, and is also said to be considering a ban on eating and drinking in public areas, as well as a mandatory closing time of 12:30 AM for bars. Both Spain and Greece could also find themselves on the UK’s “amber plus” travel list alongside France, which would mean vaccinated British travelers returning from these destinations would still have to quarantine.

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Sunday 18th of July 2021

Great job Greece, we all know COVID is transmitted through music. Way to follow the science and stop new cases in their tracks.

sam mahfouz

Monday 19th of July 2021

@Chantal, it's absolutely bizarre It's like aliens are making the decisions