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4 Reasons This Lesser-Known Destination Is Becoming A Digital Nomad Hotspot

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Mexico and Portugal have become the hubs for digital nomads, and more countries are following in their footsteps.

In most countries, the tourism industry appeals to visitors seeking their next vacation destination.

However, more and more governments are starting to see the advantages of opening their borders to having travelers stay for an extended period of time.

Beautiful Goa province beach in India with fishing boats and stones in the sea

Digital Nomads are travelers who are seeking a unique way of life.

For instance, many remote workers are heading to other countries for a greater work-life balance. They want to work in a beautiful place, completely disconnect from job obligations, and reconnect to the nature and culture of a new place.

Additionally, digital nomads can help boost the local economy, bring more attention to rural areas, and overall increase a destination’s tourism.

beach at sunset with huts int he background

One place in particular is looking to capitalize on the advantages that digital nomads can bring.

Goa, India, is looking to attract more digital nomads. Here are four reasons why they are the ideal place to relocate.

1. Work alongside the beach.

On the southwest coast of India, about 250 miles south of Mumbai (Bombay), is the state of Goa. Recently, the state has been on a mission to make Goa the ideal place to work and live by providing the one thing every digital nomad needs: high-speed internet. 

One of the country’s smallest states is looking to make a name for itself by expanding the internet to more rural areas. With more stable internet throughout the area, digital nomads won’t ever be disconnected even when exploring off the beaten path.

beautiful beach at sunset

Additionally, digital nomads can have prime working spaces with co-working shacks known as “sea hubs.” These innovative spaces are located close to the beach. They allow digital nomads to swim between Zoom calls and enjoy the natural scenery. 

Along with sea hubs, Goa provides various cafes and co-working spaces.

2. Adventurous lifestyle on a budget

In addition to a tranquil atmosphere during the day, Goa offers an exciting nightlife for digital nomads and tourists. With various nightclubs and parties, it’s definitely the place to have a good time. You can also find live music any day of the week. 

If you’re not into the party scene, there are still many things to do, such as visiting numerous museums, touring a spice farm, or exploring Sweet Water Lake, the only freshwater lake nestled in lush green hills. 

Goa also offers year-round festivals and celebrations, including Holi, the festival of colors; Shigmo, the Hindu Carnival; and Sao Joao, the monsoon festival.

beach with canoes on the shore

One of the most appealing things about Goa is that you can take part in adventure and exploration without breaking the bank.

Several online sources share that the average price for renting a one-bedroom apartment is between $200-$400. 

display of different spices

Additional costs include monthly utilities, which can be around $30 monthly. Eating out can be relatively inexpensive, with the average meal cost under $10. 

3. Simple visa process

Besides fast internet and a low cost of living, the next thing digital nomads have to look out for are visas. 

While there isn’t an official digital nomad visa, entering and staying in the country for an extended period is simple.

Most digital nomads can enter the area with a valid passport by completing the application form online

old fortress with greenery

Most applications are processed and approved within 3 to 7 days. Once permission is granted, you can stay within the country for up to 180 days with the opportunity to extend.

The government may implement a digital nomad visa in the future, allowing visitors to stay in other areas of India while working for a foreign company or freelancing. 

4. Mixture of people

Living in major cities, you will likely encounter locals and tourists. This creates a nice balance of a more busy lifestyle from the Western cultures with the more peaceful lifestyle of the locals.

women in an open air market

Goans are known to be peaceful, friendly, and welcoming. They have managed to embrace the new wave of people that come with digital nomads while keeping their cultural roots. 

Because of this balance, digital nomads can have the opportunity to connect to other location-independent people. They also have the chance to get accustomed to the slower pace of life modeled by the local people. 

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