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4 Reasons Why Coworking Retreats Are Skyrocketing In Popularity With Digital Nomads

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Why work from a stuffy and crowded office when you can work from anywhere in the world?

Many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and 9 to 5 employees have gravitated to the digital nomad life—a lifestyle with perks and challenges.

Although digital nomads can work from anywhere, that statement only applies to places with good wifi. And sometimes you have to settle for weak wifi and power outages.

Group of digital nomads coworking

Besides relying on the internet, the digital nomad life can be lonely. People you meet are often other travelers passing through the city you are in, making it hard to create lasting friendships.

Also, moving from place to place can mean missing out on authentic cultural experiences that come from staying in one place for an extended time.

So what can be a solution to all these problems? Coworking retreats. Although these types of retreats aren’t the end-all-be-all answer to digital nomad struggles, they have many benefits.

woman sitting by the pool with a drink in her hand

If you’re wondering why more and more coworking retreats are drawing in digital nomads, here are four reasons that make them so appealing. But first, it's important to understand how co-working retreats function.

What are co-working retreats?

Most retreats focus on bringing like-minded people together to learn, collaborate and grow with each other. The same concept applies to coworking retreats.

These types of retreats create spaces where work, travel, and networking can co-exist.

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people sitting at a table with their laptops and bags

Typically remote workers will pay a flat fee for accommodations in an exotic location. Guests can access beautiful working spaces and private or shared rooms during their stay. Connecting with other digital nomads in a co-living area is also possible.

4 reasons coworking retreats are becoming popular

While the concept of these retreats may seem alluring, here is why they are peaking in the interests of many digital nomads.

1. Community through co-living spaces

While the travel community is vast and continues to grow, sometimes it can be so large that it’s a little overwhelming.

empty room with long wooden table and chairs.jpg

For instance, every solo traveler can share their experiences of making new friends while on the road. Yet they cannot deny the moments of sitting alone on a long bus ride or not knowing how to connect to the local people.

Thus, coworking retreats feel this void of loneliness by implementing the concept of co-living spaces.

Within these spaces, freelancers and entrepreneurs live in one shared area. Their space usually consists of different rooms, a shared kitchen, and a shared living and work area.

woman on laptop in bed

The minimum stay is typically a month. This allows more opportunities to connect with people across different fields.

Co-living allows you to go from working alongside someone to sharing a meal with that person on the same day.

2. Work-life balance

Although working from cafes in Bali may seem like those that work from their laptops have a work-life balance, this is not always the case.

67% of remote workers have difficulty sticking to specific work hours because they feel pressured to always be available.

However, coworking retreats can combat these pressures. Retreats help workers disconnect from their laptops.

Many coworking retreats offer scheduled activities like surfing, yoga, and making homemade Italian pasta.

3. Opportunities for professional and personal development

Because coworking retreats focus on career aspects, there are many opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Digital nomad woman with suitcase and laptop in greece europe sea

For example, Hacker’s Paradise offers events catered to self-improvement. They host workshops and events on developing your side hustle and developing your business.

Plus, working in close quarters with other professionals breeds opportunities for networking, collaborating, and learning with others.

4. Engage in unique travel experiences

Although it’s common to visit museums and famous monuments, many digital nomads seek more. Location-independent people often travel to understand and immerse themselves in the culture.

Coworking retreats offer visitors a chance to see various sides of culture. For instance, Summer of Pioneers brings coworkers out of the busy metropolitan spaces and into the countryside of Germany.

Digital nomad woman on a boat

In the open air, participants can connect with others and don't have to sacrifice fast wifi.

There are also retreats like Unsettled in Medellin, Colombia. There they introduce digital nomads to a city that was once considered dangerous. Experiences such as these show the world that places can evolve and grow. It allows visitors to explore an unfamiliar part of the world.

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