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4 Reasons Why This Resort Destination Near Cancun Is Surging In Popularity

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Cancun is the number one destination in Mexico, as well as the entire Caribbean.

It is famous for its highly-developed Hotel Zone, long miles of sandy coast, and riotous nightlife, and it has been a firm favorite among American beachgoers for decades now.

That's not to say it doesn't have downsides, and for some, this has led them to seek out other nearby destinations.

View Of A Paradisaical Beach In The Caribbean, Unspecified Location

It's no surprise alternatives to Cancun have been rising in popularity lately, particularly among crowd-wary visitors looking for the peace they deserve.

One of those is Costa Mujeres, a resort strip just North of Cancun that's been recently named one of the best destinations worldwide and one that's leading occupancy rates in the region, and these are five of the main reasons why:

It Is Quieter, More Family-Friendly, More Recluse

Though it is located just north of Cancun, Costa Mujeres feels worlds apart from its neighboring development: it is much more family-friendly, shorter in length, unfolding along the base of an 11 mile-long peninsula, and room availability is more limited.

Woman Taking a Photo on the Beach

This helps create a greater sense of secludedness, as there are fewer properties on-site, many of which straddle private sections of the beach, and the volume of tourism in the area is much lower than in Cancun and every coastal town south of the Caribbean metropolis.

Still, it offers access to the same bright-blue ocean, and it has everything Americans love about the Mexican Caribbean, minus the crazy traffic, jam-packed boardwalks, and endless rows of noisy night venues that dominate the major city sitting across the bay.

Aerial View Of Playa Del Carmen Bounded By The Caribbean Sea, Mexico, Latin America

Guests Are Treated Like Royalty

Travelers heading south of the border expect only the highest level of comfort arriving at their destination due to Mexican Caribbean hotels' long-standing tradition of providing exceptional services and catering to their guests' every need while on vacation – Costa Mujeres is no exception.

Top-ranked properties include the ultra-luxurious Villa del Palmar Resort & Spa and the landmark Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres: not only do they command privileged views of the Caribbean and surrounding verdant nature, but they boast state-of-the-art amenities and award-winning service:

Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres

Picture lush-green gardens, modern spa centers offering highly effective wellness treatments, restaurant menus with a varied selection of Hispanic food (with a high-end twist), and crystal-clear, winding pools flanked by palm trees:

If you wanna get the royal treatment, this is where you should be headed.

The Perfect Base For Exploring The Beautiful Caribbean Coast

Owing to its strategic location in the North of the Yucatan Peninsula, where all of the most impressive historical sites and most beautiful nature parks are located, Costa Mujeres is becoming a hotspot for both nature and culture-based activities.

Beach in Tulum

Between the forested reserves and awe-inspiring Mayan ruins, there is plenty to do and see in the area, though the most popular day trip is Isla Mujeres, a paradisaical island just off the coast lapped by a colorful coral reef, and home to unruffled white sands and ancient temples.

Alternatively, departing from Cancun, a short 20-minute drive from Costa Mujeres, ATV tours, including zip-lining through the jungle and cenote swims, and visits to archaeological sites, like the world-famous Chichén Itzá, have led booking trends lately.

Tourist woman enjoying Chichen Itzá

Costa Mujeres Is Incredibly Safe For American Tourists

Finally, much like the wider state of Quintana Roo, Costa Mujeres is an incredibly safe, tourist-friendly destination for American travelers, where the horror stories involving rampant violence often regurgitated by U.S. media are not a common reality at all.

In general, resort zones make widespread use of surveillance cameras and security personnel and enjoy very low rates of crime: authorities are aware the popularity of the Mexican Caribbean is conditioned on safety, and they take absolutely no chances when it comes to the well-being of guests.

A Happy Looking Woman Relaxing On A Hammock In A Beach In Mexico, Unspecified Location

Just last year, police were reinforced along the whole coastal stretch in the wider Cancun Metropolitan Area, which includes Costa Mujeres, with the Navy, National Guard and State Police joining in on the routine patrolling of public beaches, in line with Mexico's zero-tolerance approach to crime.

As a result, Quintana Roo remains a Level 2 destination according to the U.S. Government, meaning Americans are not urged to reconsider travel; instead, general safety advice outside resorts and leisure complexes applies.

These are:

  • Avoiding unnecessary displays of wealth, such as wearing expensive jewelry or exhibiting large sums of money in public
  • Maintaining a high level of situational awareness in public areas, particularly touristy sites, as pickpocketing and scamming practices are more common there
  • Sticking to the well-delineated tourist path, foreigners have no business exploring peripheral districts where gang activity is typically more prominent

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