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$40 Horrific NY Airbnb Turns out to be a Thin Foam Mattress in a Closet

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A young British woman was stunned to find the Airbnb room she had booked was just a thin mattress in a closet underneath the stairs.

Zoe from the UK was visiting New York when she booked the Brooklyn rental for $37 a night.  

However when she arrived, she found out she was staying in a closet underneath the stairs on a tiny and thin foam mattress. 

dirty closet airbnb
Photo (Zoe - Instagram Stories)

In a Twitter post, Zoe explained that she arrived to the rental with low expectations but had no idea it would be that bad. The floor was filthy and the bedding was already dirty from previous guests. 

The closet accommodation had no plug-in but did come equipped with one coat hanger, a lone shelf and window to let light in. 

closet accommodation
(Photo: Zoe - Twitter)

On her Instagram stories Zoe took her followers on a tour through the tiny accommodation.  

"As you can see, it is literally a cupboard with a little mattress on the floor. Hopefully I won't hit my head on the slanting roof when I sit up in the morning, although I guess I just can't sit up. I am 99 per cent sure the sheets and pillows haven't been washed as there was a little hair on the pillow.

Zoe on Instagram Stories @zoe_93
brit in new york cheap closet stay

Zoe did have a sense of humor about the ordeal and spent one night in the closet. The following night she met some friends who allowed her to stay on their couch instead. On a video posted to her Twitter, Zoe can be heard laughing in the background as she records a video of the closet and the dirty floors upon entering. 

Since the video was posted, it has gone viral accumulating more than 1.9 million views.  Later in her Instagram story, she said her host told her where she could find clean sheets and refunded her cleaning fee.

Pictures of the Airbnb advert do show the small room, although Zoe said she thought it would at least have a proper mattress, not a camping one.

Shockingly, the room had positive reviews on the Airbnb website, with four and a half stars from more than 100 reviews.

Zoe spent one night in the Airbnb (Photo - Zoe Instagram)

Although I do enjoy a good deal on accommodations, I don’t think this closet is for me. Could you have stayed here? Let us know on our Facebook Page below what you think! 

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