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5 Destinations Within 4 Hours Of The U.S. With Normal Entry Requirements

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The Perfect Destinations For Americans

As summer 2022 slowly approaches, Americans are looking for destinations for their summer vacation without any COVID-19 entry requirements. 

More importantly, destinations that are close to the United States. 

In this article, we’ve found 5 destinations for American travelers that are open, without any entry requirements, and within a 4-hour flight of the U.S. 

1. Mexico 

Let’s start with the most popular destination for Americans: Mexico. Since December 2021, Mexico has removed all COVID-19 entry requirements, including the passenger locator form. They became only the second nation worldwide to drop all entry requirements. 

Prior to this, Mexico had the most lenient COVID-19 restrictions in the world. As a result, it became the world’s most popular tourist destination in 2020.

Although there are COVID-19 restrictions still in place, such as mandatory masks indoors in some states, most COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed. 

Top Things to do in Mexico:

  • Visit the Museo Nacional de Antropologia 
  • Relax on Cancun’s Playa Delfines (stunning beach)
  • Get lost in Mexico City

2. El Salvador 

mountain in El Salvador

El Salvador was the first country in the world to remove all travel restrictions in November 2021. As a result, they were the first nation to remove all testing and proof of vaccination. In addition, there are very few COVID-19 restrictions once you’re inside the country (although the government still requires masks indoors.)

Travelers from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom can visit El Salvador without a visa for up to 90 days.

El Salvador also became the world’s first nation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. So it’s ideal an ideal destination if you have cryptocurrency investments. 

Top Things to do in El Salvador:

  • Explore the Parque Nacional El Boqueron
  • Visit the Iglesia El Rosario 
  • Marvel at the Santa and Volcano (Volcán Ilamatepec)

3. Curaçao

Curaçao is ideal for American travelers looking for an idyllic Caribbean getaway. The island scrapped all COVID-19 entry requirements, including proof of vaccination, testing, and passenger locator forms, as of March 10, 2022. 

Curaçao has also scrapped many internal COVID-19 restrictions, including social distancing, mandatory masks, and curfews. 

Top Things to do in Curaçao:

  • Relax, swim, and snorkel at Playa PortoMari
  • Go snorkeling Cas Abao Beach 
  • Visit the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge 

4. Aruba 

Happy Couple Having Drinks At A Pool With Palm Trees In The Background In A Resort In Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

Aruba is another idyllic destination for American tourists this summer. The Caribbean island scrapped all remaining COVID-19 entry requirements on March 16, 2022. The only remaining rule is the digital passenger card; however, this acts more like a customs form instead of a typical COVID-19 passenger locator form. 

However, wearing a mask may be mandatory at specific places in Aruba, according to government regulation.

In addition, all passengers over 12 need to wear masks during the flight to Aruba (although this depends on the airline.)

Top Things to do in Aruba:

  • Visit the Renaissance Island
  • Explore the Aruba Aloe Factory, Museum, and Store
  • Relax on De Palm Island 

5. Costa Rica

It’s hard to find a better destination, within a four-hour flight of the United States, than Costa Rica. The destination will remove all remaining COVID-19 restrictions, including proof of vaccination, all testing, and passenger locator forms, from April 1, 2022; this makes them the 21st country to return to normal entry requirements. 

However, Costa Rica still requires a vaccine passport to enter bars and restaurants. But there is no requirement for fully vaccinated individuals to purchase travel insurance that covers COVID-19 related expenses. 

Top Things to do in Costa Rica:

  • Marvel at the Arenal Vocano 
  • Visit the Nicoya Peninsula
  • Hike at the Corcovado National Park

Other Nations Without Entry Restrictions 

Suppose you don’t mind a long flight from the U.S? There are plenty of destinations without entry restrictions; here are some of the best:

  • Iceland 
  • England 
  • Hungary 
  • Montenegro
  • Ireland 
  • Slovenia 
  • Norway 
  • Jordan 

The world is finally dropping COVID-19 entry requirements.

We will keep you informed on the latest changes every day. 


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

I am thrilled to learn b that Englan and Iceland are among the countries which lifter their covid19 requirements: I can finally visit my folks..