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5 European Destinations Great For A Cheap Winter Getaway

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Winter is upon us, which means most people are preparing for holiday shopping, but you're probably thinking about traveling. In fact, you’ve likely been thinking about a winter getaway.

However, you'll want to go somewhere that won’t break the bank, especially since flight prices tend to increase during the holiday season.

Woman petting horses in Krakow, Poland in the winter

Fortunately, a new report was released showing affordable winter destinations to plan the perfect winter escape.  

Here are our top five European destinations that will give you great value for less.

1. Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania is one of those small yet noticeable countries. Yet, it is a place that upholds its unique traditions and has its own cultural quirks.

For instance, it might be surprising to know that basketball is the country's most popular sport, and whistling indoors is considered bad luck.

Despite interesting superstitions, the capital city is a great budget getaway. Here are the average prices according to

beautiful city view with hot air balloons

Accommodations: $41 a night on average

Food: $31 a day when you do a mixture of fast food and sit-down restaurants

Transportation: $15 a day on average

You can get by spending $100 a day when visiting, especially with free attractions such as the Open-Air Museum of the Centre of Europe, which is just on the city’s outskirts.

You can also enjoy the quirky city vibes of the bohemian neighborhood Užupis. There, you can explore street art and visit numerous cafes to warm you up in the winter weather. 

You can also check out their free winter events by visiting their event website. 

2. Krakow, Poland

If the cold doesn’t scare you from visiting different destinations, Krakow will welcome you with open arms. During the winter months of December through February, you can usually count on snow and low temperatures between 23 – 34 degrees Fahrenheit. 

While you might tolerate the cold, you won’t have to deal with high prices. Here’s the breakdown according to the visit to the Krakow website:

City street with colorful buildings

Accommodations: Hostels can range from $ 11-60 a night, spending on the location and hostel. A budget hotel can run you $25-45 a night.

Food: You can find fulfilling meals for around $5 or $6. And the average meal cost is between $11-16. 

Transportation: Long-distance taxi rides can cost around $5.

3. Athens, Greece

Winter getaways don’t always have to be to snowy places. Athens, Greece, is a reasonably warmer destination with average temperatures of 48.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a good jacket and maybe a few layers, you can enjoy exploring this historic city in the winter with fewer crowds while getting more bang for your buck.

city street with stone wallas and a stone arc

According to, here’s how much you can plan on spending:

Accommodations: $94 a night for a 2 to 3-star hotel on average

Food: About $34 a day per person on average

Transportation: $18, including public transit and taxis on average

A picturesque alleyway in Athens, Greece

If you’re looking for free things to do in the city, you can check out the National Garden, a great way to take in some sun. There are also free walking tours available throughout the city. However, it is polite to tip the tour guides.

4. Riga, Latvia

Latvia is not a particularly warm country during the winter. It has an average winter temperature of around 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet it offers a mixture of snowfall with a mild sea breeze; it can be your perfect match for a cheap winter getaway. 

Riga Latvia old town

According to, here are the average prices for a trip to Riga:

Accommodations: $55-$110 a night for one person on average

Food: Around $34 a day on average

Transportation: $15 a day with public transit. However, Riga is a very walkable city, so if you don’t mind warming up with a nice walk, you can travel around the city on foot and save some money. 

For an exciting and accessible experience, you can check out the Riga Central Market. It is one of Europe’s oldest and unique historical places. 

5. Izmir, Turkey

Istanbul is not the only attractive city that Turkey has to offer. Izmir is a perfect winter getaway because of its average high temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average low is about 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It is advised to bring your raincoat during the winter months. However, there are plenty of coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants to keep you warm and dry.

Young Woman Wearing A Red Dress As She Walks Towards The Library Of Celsus In Ephesus, An Ancient Greco Roman City In Selcuk, Izmir Province, Turkey, Turkiye, Middle East, Eastern Europe, West Asia

Besides the relatively warm weather, another great perk about Izmir is the low costs. Here’s how much you should expect to budget according to

Accommodations: From a hostel to a hotel room, anywhere between $11-$60 a night on average.

Food: From buying food at the market to eating at local restaurants, between $11-$17 a day on average.

Transportation: While many things are accessible by walking in the downtown area, local transport can run you about $2 a day. 

For a free activity, you can enjoy the Kemeraltı district, known for its bazaars and its history dating back to the Roman period. 

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