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5 Reasons Why This Caribbean Island Is Soaring In Popularity With American Travelers

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The Caribbean is the go-to spot for Americans traveling abroad, mainly for two reasons: the beaches are stunning, bounded by rows upon rows of tall palm trees with crystal-clear waters for swimming, and world-class amenities, with a luxury travel industry unlike anywhere else in the world.

Aerial View Of A Development Zone In Montego Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean

If you're a sun seeker, odds are you are probably jetting off to the Caribbean once the chilly winds start blowing, but with so many islands to pick from, you may feel torn as to where it's best to go, not only for the nature, but also quality of the services provided.

In this article, we will give you 5 reasons why it's stunning Jamaica, a country that's been exploding in popularity lately, that you should visit:


First and foremost, we need to talk about Jamaica's unparalleled beauty. As it is a Caribbean island country, it boasts a vast natural wealth comprising verdant protected serves, jungles dotted with hidden waterfalls, and as many as 635 miles of coastline.

Blue Mountains In Jamaica, Caribbean Region

It is the ideal destination if you're looking to reconnect with nature, especially after the last three harrowing years we've survived collectively, and you feel like you could do with a break from all the hustle and bustle of your city life.

Whether it's hiking the landmark One Love Trail, a bucket list item for adventurers visiting Jamaica due to its sweeping views over the emerald-green landscape, or simply relaxing by the poolside in a beachfront hotel, Jamaica will offer that idyllic escape you've been craving so badly.

Slow-Paced Lifestyle

Part of the reason why travelers love Jamaica, and why international arrivals have surged by more than 50 percent this year already compared to 2019, is its slow-paced lifestyle.

Other than the capital and largest city of Kingston, most of the island is bucolic.

High Street Lined By Shops And Souvenir Stalls In Ocho Rios, A Resort Town In Jamaica, Caribbean

Though the resort zones are renowned for their electric nightlife and entertainment scene, at its core, Jamaica is a remarkably rural country, with a majority of the population living in small settlements amid the abundant greenery or along the coast and leading a peaceful life.

It is the perfect place to go if you're in need of slowing down and taking in the scenery, which is why Jamaica has been trending lately as a wellness center in the wider Caribbean, with its high concentration of nature-focused activities, spas and relaxation retreats.

Well-Equipped Resorts

Other than its gorgeous nature, the country's most powerful asset is undoubtedly its collection of luxurious all-inclusive resorts, commonly found in coastal towns like Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios. These three spots are similar in character:

Aerial View Of Sandals Resort In Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Caribbean Sea

Though they vary drastically when it comes to clientele – Montego Bay is more family-friendly than Negril, for instance – one feature they all share is a well-equipped resort strip and tourist zone and sandy beaches bordered by turquoise seas.

This fall, you can stay at an all-inclusive Sea Garden in Montego Bay for only $212 per night when booking for mid-October dates, or even as cheap as $156 at the Deja Resort, a short 150 meters from the beach.

In Negril, the Royalton (an Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort) has rates starting from $236 for a Luxury Junior Suite, while budget travelers can opt for a Standard Room at the Travellers Beach Resort, not all-inclusive, for only $116 per night.

Panoramic View Of Ocho Rios From A Viewpoint, Jamaica, Caribbean

Finally, Ocho Rios is the most affordable alternative overall this upcoming season, with overnights at the Hibiscus Lodge Hotel, breakfast included only, selling for $139 on, and even cheaper offers at the Pineapple Court Hotel – $100 per night – and GoldenView Guesthouse, at a mere $59.

With that being said, five-star listings in Ocho Rios can be considerably pricier, with an overnight stay at the landmark Jamaica Inn setting you back by as much as $528.

Safe Resort Zones

In case you were wondering, Jamaica is safe to visit this fall.

Tourist Buying From A Food Stand In Jamaica, Caribbean

While it's true the country has had its bouts of urban violence in the recent past, with consecutive States of Emergency being enforced to stem the rise in crime in Kingston and other large urban areas, the resort towns are incredibly safe.

That is because criminals do not commonly operate within resort strips, as the Jamaican Government ensures they are quite well-policed and surveillance is tight, and your risk of falling victim to crime staying within your resort complex, what many vacationers will end up doing, is virtually null.

It goes without saying this does not mean Jamaica is risk-free or that you should let your guard down, particularly if exploring Kingston or walking downtown Montego Bay by yourself as opposed to part of an organized tour:

Jamaica Beach, Caribbean Sea

Always stick to tourist areas as they are much safer than suburban zones, never walk alone at night in deserted, unfamiliar areas outside your hotel, and avoid wearing jewelry outside your hotel: this will likely put a target on your back.

Lots Of Affordable Nonstop Flights

The final reason why Jamaica is so popular right now is the great availability of flights departing from the United States, Canada, and other popular markets.

It's just never been easier for North Americans to visit this paradise island, nor cheaper.

Woman looking out of window in airplane

Last year, in the wake of Jamaica's reopening for tourism, Frontier launched new nonstop flights for as cheap as $99 one-way to Montego Bay, while American Airlines also added service to the popular resort zone from strategic U.S. cities.

At least 20 U.S. departure points offer nonstop flights to Jamaican destinations, mostly Montego Bay or Kingston, across 14 different states, usually at extremely affordable prices, making Jamaica one of the most accessible Caribbean destinations for U.S. passport holders.

Recently, Jamaica announced the introduction of a new entry form applying to all foreign visitors.

It must be completed online, preferably ahead of departure, and it makes crossing the Jamaican border easier. Learn more about this recent development here.

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