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5 Reasons Why This Country Is The Top Destination For Digital Nomads Right Now 

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Digital nomads have the freedom to live and work almost anywhere in the world. But one destination is more popular with digital nomads than others right now.  

New research has shown that 82% of workers in Mexico enjoy the benefits of flexible work and that there is a revolution of digital nomads redefining work in the country. Mexico is a leader in this transformation.  

5 Reasons Why This Country Is The Top Destination For Digital Nomads Right Now

Wondering if it’s a move that’s right for you? 

Here are 5 reasons why Mexico is the top destination for digital nomads right now:  

Lower Cost Of Living

Many digital nomads are attracted to Mexico for its lower cost of living.  

In terms of rent, groceries, utilities, and transportation, the cost of living in Mexico is considered much lower than in the United States.  

A girl walks among tropical greenery on a bright sunny day in Mexico, Tulum

Obviously the amount you will spend on your day-to-day living costs varies from person to person and figures about this are subjective.  

But one report claims that rent can be as much as 71.2% cheaper in Mexico compared to the United States.  

As a rule of thumb, expect you can live a comfortable life on $1,000 a month as a digital nomad in Mexico. 

Robust Digital Nomad Population

The point of this article is that there is a growing population of digital nomads in Mexico. But Mexico’s large digital nomad population is also one of the benefits of choosing to be a digital nomad in the country.  

When you are living in a country that has an existing robust digital nomad population, life is much easier. The infrastructure you need is already in place.  

Pedestrians walk down the busy streets of the historical center of Mexico City.

This includes established co-working spaces, cafes, and restaurants where digital nomads are welcome to stay and work and a network of like-minded individuals you can share ideas with.  

Playa del Carmen has become the number one choice for digital nomads in Mexico for all of these reasons and is a great place to experience authentic Mexican culture alongside a lively international atmosphere and white sand beaches.  

Accessible Flight Routes

Mexico is by far the most visited destination by U.S. travelers.  

And the United States-Mexico market is the busiest aviation market in the world. On an average day, more than 700 flights connect Mexico with the United States. 

This means that traveling between the two countries is both accessible and affordable. This is a key consideration for digital nomads who often travel regularly between the two countries.  

And if an emergency situation arises back home then there’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can be there quickly and without too much hassle or inconvenience.  

AeroMexico Plane on Runway

Thinking of spending the winter months in Mexico? Flight options only increase. 3 major airlines are adding new flights to Mexico, expanding their schedules from the fall season.  

12 airlines in total operate routes between the 2 countries.  In short, its proximity to the United States is a main attraction.

Growing Tech Scene

Mexico is a popular destination for digital nomads and tech talent.  

In fact, its tech communities and vibrant tech scenes are often listed as one of the things that attract digital nomads to Mexico.  

A tech-based digital nomad

Mexico City is considered the business capital of Mexico and it attracts many young tech professionals (both local and otherwise) because of its diversity and fast-paced culture. 

Meanwhile Guadalajara is known as Mexico’s Silicone Valley and is also home to a huge number of tech digital nomads and technology start-ups.  

Digital Nomads Are Welcome

Finally it’s worth noting that Mexico is a great place to be a digital nomad because digital nomads are so welcome in the country.  

These 7 Countries Are The Easiest To Obtain  Digital Nomad Visas

People from many countries can live and work in Mexico for up to 180 days visa-free including USA, Canada and EU countries. 

And because you are working remotely, you won’t need to apply for a work permit.  

If you want to stay in the country for longer than 180 days then there are a range of visa types available that you can apply for. The temporary resident visa allows you to stay in Mexico for up to 4 years and is the most popular.  

Aerial View Of The Cancun Resort Zone, Mexico, Latin America

Because of the boost they give to the economy and to local businesses, digital nomads are generally made to feel welcome in Mexico. It’s a great place to spend the winter months that are so cold in much of the U.S.  

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