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5 Reasons Why This Trendy European Capital Is Breaking All-Time Tourism Records

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Now that winter has officially draped its gray, heavy blanket upon the Northern Hemisphere, travelers’ focus has swiftly shifted from idyllic white-sanded beaches to festive city breaks that make the freezing cold feel that much more worth it.

When most people think of wintertime holidays, their mind immediately goes to the Christmas markets and icy landscapes of Central Europe, and more specifically, this one trendy capital that just broke its all-time tourism record.

aerial view of Prague

If Europe is a treasure trove of cultural, natural, and historical wonders, Prague is its crown jewel.

With its jaw-dropping architecture, abundant natural wonders, and reasonable prices, the Czech capital has managed to attract roughly 5.45 million visitors in the first three quarters of 2023 alone.

But how come so many travelers are just now rediscovering the undeniable allure of Prague?

Endless Sightseeing Opportunities

What Mt. Everest is for climbers Prague is for sightseers – the ultimate experience.

The city’s one-of-a-kind architecture architecture seems to have been plucked out right from the pages of a fairytale, complete with Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque structures that have weathered the centuries with nothing but grace.

st vitus cathedral prague

The iconic Prague Castle, perched on a hill overlooking the Vltava River is a sight for sore eyes and a must-experience for everyone lucky enough to visit the Czech capital.

Your sightseeing trip will still be far from over, though.

Visitors coming to Prague can wander through the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old Town, marvel at the intricate details of the Astronomical Clock, and take in the architectural and engineering wonder that is the Charles Bridge.

Prague old town square

So Much To Do

While the aesthetic allure of Prague is sure to leave even the most adventurous of souls pining after a laid-back sightseeing excursion, that’s not to say that your days here will only be spent looking at pretty buildings.

Between the magical Prague Christmas markets and colorful spring festivals, these upcoming months come packed with a plethora of fun events to enjoy.

prague Christmas market

Depending on the timing of your visit, some of the locally organized affairs you won’t want to miss out on include the Prague Fringe Festival, the International Documentary Film Festival, and the annual Prague Pride Parade.

It’s Never Been Easier To Visit The Czech Republic

There’s no arguing that the gorgeous sights and jam-packed events calendar are enough to get most travelers to board a plane and rush to Prague; however, it’s also worth noting that the major strides made in local infrastructure and amenities have also had a lot to do with this newly-set record.

Prague National Museum at the end of a green square

Prague City Tourism is aiming to further advance its collaboration with Czech Tourism and Václav Havel Airport so as to boost connectivity and make getting in and out of the country easier than ever.

Beyond that, what was once a city whose entire tourism allure relied on its historical center has now become a diverse, multi-faceted attraction whose every corner is worth exploring.

A tram winds through the streets of Prague

New museums, restaurants, and cafes are popping up in nearly every neighborhood – this means that in order to truly take in the best of what Prague has to offer, you’ll want to allocate at least a full week to your vacation. 

A Great Value Destination

What has really helped Prague stand out among other European cities of its kind is its impressive affordability.

Don’t get me wrong, a sightseeing tour across the Czech capital is by no means the cheapest possible travel experience; however, considering what you’ll be getting in return, the price feels justifiable.

Young woman taking photo from the Tyn Church in Prague

For reference, consumer prices in Prague are 16.3% lower than in Berlin, 14.4% lower than in Vienna, and 48% lower than in Bern.

One Of Europe’s Safest Hotspots

In an era where safety is a paramount concern for travelers, Prague stands out as one of Europe’s safest havens.

woman looks out at prague czech republic

The Czech capital boasts one of the highest safety indexes in the world, which reaches an average of 75.39 and highs of 91.46.

In comparison, the U.S. safety index stands at 50.83, so you can rest assured that your trip to Prague, whether solo or in a group, is likely to be a calm, enjoyable affair.

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