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5 Reasons Why Travelers Are Taking Cruises In Record Numbers This Year

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More travelers than ever before are choosing cruises over other types of travel.

In 2023, it's expected that a record-breaking 31.5 million travelers will cruise this year. It's clear that cruising is back with a vengeance, but just why is this form of travel so popular right now?

Here are the top five reasons that travelers are choosing cruises this year:

Aerial photo of a cruise ship

1. “Now Or Never” Mindset

Many cruisers have a “now or never” mindset when it comes to travel right now, according to a new report. After over two full years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, many travelers realized the danger of putting off that dream trip for “someday.”

Rather than waiting for the “right time” to take a trip, more travelers are living in the moment and booking their dream trips right now, knowing that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Additionally, there is a lot of pent-up demand for cruises due to the harsh restrictions imposed on the cruise industry for over two years. Many travelers who had a cruise planned or wanted to take a cruise during those two years are finally getting the chance to do so now.

Cruise Ship at Sea

2. Ease Of Group Travel

Another reason that more travelers are choosing cruises right now is due to the ease of group travel. According to the report, many people are turning to travel to reconnect with family, friends, and other loved ones.

Cruises are an easy and hassle-free way for large groups to travel together, and multi-cabin bookings are at a record high.

From family reunions at sea to bachelor and bachelorette parties to friend group trips, cruises are a great way to spend travel as a group while still allowing plenty of time for everyone to do their own thing.

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Toasting champagne on a cruise ship at sunset

3. More Options For Solo Travelers

Solo travel has been a huge travel trend in 2023. This always ties in with the “now or never” mindset of many travelers: why wait to travel just because your friends, family, or significant other can't travel with you? More and more travelers are heading off on adventures solo rather than missing out.

It used to be that cruises were not a budget-friendly option for solo travelers due to cabin pricing based on double occupancy. This effectively means that solo travelers are paying double.

But now, there are a growing number of cruise ships offering cabins specifically for solo travelers. This makes cruising an attainable option for solo travelers, and solo cruising has been growing in popularity.

Woman on Cruise Ship

4. An Affordable Way To Travel

With skyrocketing airfare and hotel costs in 2023, cruising is a surprisingly affordable way to travel. It's not uncommon to find cruise deals for well under $100 per day per person.

When you consider that cruises are all-inclusive, with all accommodations, meals, entertainment, and cruise ports included in your fare, it makes cruising a very attractive, budget-friendly way of traveling.

Of course, there are certain things that may cost extra on your cruise (like alcoholic beverages and sodas, WiFi packages, and shore excursions), but it's still an overall affordable way to travel when you break down the per-day costs.

A Princess Cruise ship sailing off the coast of Mexico at sunset

5. Cruises For Everyone

Let's admit it, for a long time, cruising carried a certain stereotype. Think of a ship full of retirees playing shuffleboard on the lido deck while a Jimmy Buffett song plays in the background.

But these days, that stereotype is far from true. There are cruise lines and cruises for everyone, whether you're young or old, a couple or single, a family with young kids or a group of adults, an adventure-seeker or a beach bum. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it on a cruise.

For example, expedition cruises have been trending in 2023. Far from your typical Caribbean beach-hopping cruise, these adventurous cruises take travelers to exciting destinations like Antarctica, Alaska, Canada’s Northwest Passage, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, and the South Pacific.

Antarctica Cruise

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