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5 U.S. Cities Perfect For Digital Nomads As More Remote Workers Stay Closer To Home

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While many remote workers surely have dreams of globetrotting with their laptop in tow, maybe their work arrangement just doesn't quite match up.

The remote work takeover has its set of controversies ranging from frustrated bosses to empty commercial real estate spaces.

Digital nomads tend to say, “that sounds like a personal problem!”, as they hop from place to place and getting paid to do so.

A new study by MBO Partners revealed the latest trend of tethered nomading, which basically means more remote workers are staying put in the U.S.

Woman working on laptop

In fact, the study concluded that 53% of digital nomads in the U.S. plan to stay in the country year-round compared to just 10% who plan on jet-setting internationally.

Just about any U.S. city worth planting roots in is going to be costlier than traveling abroad, but that isn't stopping remote workers from giving it a go.

These are 5 U.S. cities perfect for digital nomads as more remote workers stay closer to home:

Chicago, Illinois

chicago skyline in fall

The midwest's only metropolis is a thriving megacity with so much to experience. Any type of traveler will love a trip to The Windy City.

But Chicago is well suited for digital nomads for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, remote workers will have no issue staying busy when they shut their laptops off for the day.

The city is so much more than a shiny bean statue and delicious deep-dish pizza. There are wonderful neighborhoods to explore where you will all but certainly find your niche.

There is a growing community of digital nomads here ready to welcome you, including regular Meetup groups.

male digital nomad looking at city skyline

With a plethora of trendy cafes, co-working spaces, and the most affordable metropolis in America, Chicago should highlight your list of digital nomad spots.

Denver, Colorado

Colorado's hippest city is a happenin' place. There always seems to be something fun going on and you simply can't beat the city of the majestic mountains as your daily backdrop.

Denver is a haven for beer enthusiasts with many breweries offering wi-fi. Maybe just set the beer out of view for your Zoom calls.

You know, for professionalism's sake.

denver skyline in fall

If that's too risky, then one of Denver's lovely cafes or a variety of co-working spaces may be better suited for you.

According to Nomad List, Denver was ranked the #1 city to live in the U.S, and for good reason. Family fun, fast internet speeds, and a high quality of life are just a few samples of the city's highlights.

Orlando, Florida

Florida is one of the most visited states in the country. Orlando is a key reason why. From a digital nomad perspective, this city is the best of both worlds.

Downtown orlando at dusk

You have the fun city life mixed with beaches a day trip away. Not to mention the greatest theme parks in the world when you have some downtime.

The best part of all may be you can live here for under $2000 per month! That is quite a rarity in the U.S.

Factor in cushy co-working spaces and a variety of charming cafes; you can work wherever you want. Plus, the weather is fantastic!

San Antonio, Texas

A cultural gem an hour south of the trendy city of Austin is the lovely city of San Antonio. This vibrant city will allow you to immerse yourself in a buzzing cultural community full of history and amazing food.

colorful street in san antonio texas

San Antonio is very welcoming to all types of travelers and another rare place where digital nomads can live off a $2000 per month budget or less.

San Antone, as locals call it, is branching out with more thriving cultural neighborhoods ready to embrace more visitors.

There are multiple co-working offices throughout the city and trendy cafes serving local favorites with a Mexican twist.

El Paso, Texas

Another Texas gem is the often-overlooked city of El Paso. Set in the corner of Texas between Mexico and New Mexico is a city that will shock you with how much you love the culture and stunning nature.

skyline of el paso at dusk

Digital nomads may just love it the most, as this cocktail of cultures is perfectly suited for short and long-term stays at a very affordable cost.

We're talking a monthly budget of $1500 or less! Airbnb's are super affordable, and there is also a new capsule hotel downtown if you're flying solo.

Fall and winter may be the best time to visit the safest city in Texas as the scorching desert heat dissipates.

Working from one of the many modern, tasty cafes or centrally located co-working spaces is much more enjoyable on the patio this time of year.

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