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6 Reasons Why This Beautiful European Country Is Breaking Tourism Records

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As summer has gone on, it seems more and more travelers are flocking to Europe. It's easy to see why with all the amazing destinations to choose from.

Whether it's the stunning scenery of Iceland to going more off-the-beaten-path lesser-known regions, you are bound to have an awesome trip.

One landlocked European country has seen exponential growth this year in terms of tourism. In fact, Hungary is breaking tourism records with no signs of slowing down.

Woman walking in Budapest

This beautiful place in Central Europe is quickly becoming a travel hotspot and surpassing pre-pandemic tourism statistics.

Here are 6 reasons why Hungary is breaking tourism records:

Digital Nomads Love It

Hungary was at the forefront of seeing how digital nomadism was going to take the world by storm.

While some countries are still behind the times and debating how to best launch a new digital nomad visa, Hungary has been offering this visa for nearly 2 years.

woman on laptop at cafe

Today, it still stands as one of the easiest to obtain. Digital nomads love the welcoming nature of the country as the remote work scene is flourishing.

With cushy work accommodations between trendy cafes and co-working spaces, Hungary is thriving with digital nomads.

Budapest Is Breathtaking

The stunning capital city of Hungary has long been a popular place for European vacations. In fact, many would say it's the main draw to the country.

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Budapest at sunset

With jaw-dropping architecture to the famed thermal baths in the heart of the city. What a backdrop for a unique experience!

Budapest has something for every type of traveler. It's very walkable and also has a sophisticated public transit system.

Whether your style is affordable Airbnbs or 5-stay ritzy hotels to brag to your loved ones about, travelers will surely have a memorable trip.

An Underrated Wine Scene

When the average traveler thinks of European wine, countries such as France, Greece, or Spain may come to mind.

women toasting wine glasses

Hungary probably doesn't crack the top 5, to say the least. However, travelers will be surprised by how much they love the wine scene here.

The government is pouring money into expanding lesser-known regions to make them more known to tourists with the addition of luxury hotels.

Take the UNESCO World Heritage site, Tokaj-Hegyalja, for example. This beautiful region of northern Hungary has a new tourist project in the works to expand roads and make these vineyards more accessible for visitors.

Lake Balaton

lake balaton in Hungary

The gorgeous blue waters of Lake Balafon have been a top attraction for tourists this year. This region accommodates outdoor lovers and those who simply love to relax on a nice beach or resort.

A common day trip or weekend getaway from Budapest, this area is worth it with all there is to explore.

There are scenic hiking trails and small villages outside the lake, including Szigliget, where travelers can visit a historic 13th-century castle.

The Mátra and Bükk Mountains

Two other top attractions in Hungary are the beautiful Mátra and Bükk Mountains. This breathtaking landscape offers a ton to do for those who love spending time outdoors and even those with a sense of adventure.

matra mountains in Hungary

There are scenic parks and hikes to the tallest point in the country – Kékestető. Those who seek an adrenaline rush will love skiing in the colder months, plus the year-round adventure parks with various sports.

A Solo Traveler's Dream

Whether staying in Budapest or venturing out around the country, solo travelers have the time of their lives here.

With the reasonable cost of hostels and easy transport around the country, those traveling on their own have no trouble navigating Hungary.

solo traveler in Budapest

Hungary has become very popular, and it's easy to meet fellow travelers on the road with low costs for food and single-occupancy accommodations.

Hungary is known for its sheer beauty from the borders of Slovenia to Romania. Home to 10 national parks, and many of them are protected World Heritage sites to go explore and embrace solitude.

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