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6 Reasons Why This Caribbean Island Is Trending With Solo Travelers

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As one of the countries that has been constantly breaking tourist records in the past couple of years, the Dominican Republic is winning more and more people over for a variety of reasons.

There are endless articles on why resorts and all-inclusive hotspots such as Punta Cana remain classic favorites for tourists, yet this Caribbean island has yet to make major waves with the solo travel community. 

woman on beach with blue water Dominican Republic

While safety concerns have stopped some potential solo travelers from coming to enjoy this island, the truth is that as long as certain safety precautions are followed, the Dominican Republic is safe and welcoming.

The weather is great, the prices are low, and getting around is a breeze, so it’s time that the Dominican Republic starts gaining attention for solo travelers. 

Here’s Why The Dominican Republic Is Trending With Solo Travelers: 

It's Safe

Having been recently subjected to travel warnings from the U.S. Department of State, the reality is that the average tourist in the Dominican Republic should not have any issues, so long as they act smart and don't go out looking for trouble. 

Even in the popular areas, walking around after dark isn’t recommended, and taking precautions with taxi drivers is encouraged. The island has poverty issues, and crime is common, but if you stick to the tourist areas and keep your wits about you it's unlikely you will encounter any problems. 

Tip: Once you find a driver you like and who makes you feel safe, get their contact and use them as much as possible, not only will this help you to feel more comfortable, but you might even make some local connections this way. 

@bonvoyagejackie The Dominican Republic is a great destination for solo travelers! I spent my first week of my solo trip in the capital, Santo Domingo. La Choza Guesthouse was a great place to meet other travelers (I also met up with some people I connected with from some online solo travel groups as well) Overall, I felt very safe walking around the Zona Colonial section of the city during the day and evening as well. #solotraveler #solotravel #solotravelwoman #solofemaletravel #dominicanrepublic #santodomingo #dominicanrepublictravel #visitdominicamrepublic #solotraveltips ♬ Astro Beat – Staysee

Ease Of Getting Around 

Getting between the popular areas of the Dominican Republic is easy and cheap by public busses, which connect the main areas of the island for a very low price. Taxis are of course available if budget is no problem for you, as is car rental.

Insider Tip: While online information might be scant for the public mini busses and coach services, just find the local office and ask, you will likely be surprised at how efficient they run, although you might be a bit annoyed by the number of stops, the lack of urgency, and the number of people (or animals) they cram on.

But overall traveling by public transport throughout the Dominican Republic will get you from point A to point B cheaply and safely, and often leave you with a story or two to tell. 

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@traveltomtom Bus from #santodomingo to #puntacana was ok. Nothing special, cheap at least and on time! $7 USD for a ticket and took 3 hours. #traveling #dominicanrepublic ♬ original sound – Traveltomtom


While it’s very obviously a trending destination, the fact is that most travelers who come to the Dominican Republic stick to their resorts and therefore seldom see much more of the country. 

There is no denying that the resorts of the Dominican Republic are first-class, but there is something to be said about getting out and enjoying the real countryside as well. Aside from endless beaches from rugged to manicured, the Dominican Republic also offers mountains, lakes, lush jungles, caves, and waterfalls to enjoy as well. 

There really is something for everyone here and the solo traveler can easily explore most of it on their own or by joining a group. 

@itsbig4life A day in Cabarete 🇩🇴 #Cabarete #fyp #vacation #travel #dominicanrepublic #beach ♬ El Gordo Trae El Mando – Chino Pacas

Budget Friendly  

When compared to the U.S. and to other Caribbean destinations, traveling around the Dominican Republic is a cheap option. 

Of course, you can splurge and stay and high-end resorts and enjoy fine dining every night but those on a budget will be happy to know that hotels, Airbnbs, restaurants, and especially drinks can remain quite cheap here. 

Craft breweries and bars in the more popular areas will of course set you back more, but local establishments and neighborhood places will help you keep the cost low, not to mention the vendors selling fresh fruit for next to nothing on the beach.

Coconut Seller Walking The Beach In The Dominican Republic, Caribbean Sea

Digital Nomads

One area of the Dominican Republic that is seeing explosive growth with digital nomads is the always-trendy area of Punta Cana. Popular for co-working spaces, work-cations, and long-term stays, there is no denying that a long-term visit to Punta Cana is great for remote workers. 

However, there remain many other areas of the island that are also perfect for digital nomads that don't seem to get the same buzz as Punta Cana. The beach towns of Cabarete and Las Terrenas, for example, both manage to attract loads of digital nomads with their low cost of living, great beaches, and growing expat scene. 

Digital nomads can’t forget the capital city of Santo Domingo as well, with the especially safe and culture-packed Zona Colonial being a popular choice for remote workers who are looking for big city life instead of the island lifestyle. 

@travel_with_dash #dominicanrepublic #digitalnomad #remotework ♬ Paradise – TELL YOUR STORY music by Ikson™

Connections To Other Countries

The Dominican Republic is being increasingly connected to both the U.S. and other countries by fights, thanks in no part to its growing popularity with international tourists. 

Getting there and away has never been easier, and direct flights from the U.S. to hotspots such as Santo Domino, Santiago, Punta Cana, and Puerto Plata are easy and cheap if you plan accordingly. 

From the island, you can catch numerous daily flights to other destinations throughout Latin America and beyond. Making getting there and back painless and easy to navigate. 

Statue of Bartholomew Columbus on Calle el Conde street in the colonial city center of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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